Just Twelve More Bernies…

Yes, Yes, I know there’s a bunch out there, but I got some requests to make some more, plus I got a few more ideas and couldn’t resist! (Terribly addicting!) I especially enjoyed modifying Bernie and sometimes the other characters into the style of the photo or painting! Bernie as a Bedrock Character or how all of The Beatles are wearing Bernie’s mittens! Back to my regularly scheduled Trek stuff soon! Enjoy! Therese 🙂

George the Vampire…

Hey Kids,

For you newbies, I sometimes deviate from Trek, especially if I get a new idea for something about The Beatles.   George was my favorite, and I was inspired to make this little poster after seeing a gif of George eating an apple.  Someone commented ‘Dem Fangs!’, for indeed, George had pronounced incisors!  He’d have made a great vampire, whom I’d take over sparkly Twilight people any day! (I borrowed Frank Langella’s body and costume from 1979’s Dracula). George the Vampire


Before today is over, I have to note that today, November 29th, is the 12th anniversary of George Harrison’s passing 🙁 — can’t believe it’s been a dozen years already.  I like to think that he and John have regular jamming dates in heaven 🙂 GeorgeHarrisonGeorge65

On a happier note– today is also my 20 1/2 wedding anniversary!  😀  I’m glad that we had George and how his music touched my life, but even happier that I married the greatest guy in the world! My sweet Greg! <3

Wideo Wednesday: My MP3 Part One: Harrison, Arnaz, Association, Basie, and Beyond the Fringe

Last night I got to listening to my little mp3 player, and I thought I’d share a few of my varied tastes with, via YouTube. These’ll really show my age, but what the heck.  The Tracks are as follows:

George Harrison: Rising Sun, Desi Arnaz: Tico Tico, The Association: Everything That Touches You,  Count Basie: Blues for Ilene, and finally The End of the World, by the Broadway show Beyond The Fringe, (an LP my Dad used to play so often, I have it memorized word for word-but still funny after 50 years!)  Enjoy!

George Harrison’s 70th Birthday

Today, February 25, would have been George Harrison’s 70th Birthday! (note special header banner above)  Happy Heavenly Birthday to my other favorite 60’s pop icon (Sorry Leonard, I fell for George first!) Love this guy.  Maybe I’ll spend today listening to All Things Must Pass and Brainwashed, maybe throw in a viewing of A Hard Day’s  Night  or  Help!, and Martin Scorcese’s Documentary — And don’t forget the Harrison Tribute I made 3 years ago!  (under the name Peace2baby on YouTube)


tumblr_lojog7hkcD1qfslgqo1_500 tumblr_m0x6mxPM3Q1qadyfc tumblr_m1t9huRPDE1qgv804o1_500

Colorized George and Kermit

I colorized this funny photo of George with my Adobe PhotoShop — I guessed at the colors of the Fair Isle sweater that turned out to be surprisingly accurate! But the tee was actually blue- something I’ll fix eventually…

tumblr_m4wa6rpzBK1qalx0to1_1280tumblr_m2qg1mFzSO1qadyfcGeorgeHarrison001 george1 George Harrison with green guitar Living in the Material World

Wideo Wednesday – It Don’t Come Easy, by George Harrison

Hey kids, Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in America, and I thought I’d indulge in another pop culture icon that I’m thankful for — George Harrison — in this original demo he made for the song he passed on to Ringo “It Don’t Come Easy”. I love this version!  Hard to believe it’s been almost 11 years since George’s passing, but the music endures.  He was always my favorite Beatle (I guess I just dig tall, angular guys with soulful eyes)!  😉  Beautiful man, greatly missed. Enjoy this treat, Therese