Have You Heard ‘Enterprise Incidents’ with Scott and Steve? Get this Podcast NOW!

Hi Everyone,

I recently became acquainted with a remarkable podcast that debuted last year and I am enjoying it SO MUCH!

Enterprise Incidents with Scott and Steve, is the best thing to happen to Original Series fans since Star Trek Continues! No, it’s not a fan series, but even better; two super Trek fans ‘deep diving’ into all of the original 79 episodes.

Scott Mantz is an award winning Film Critic and host of moviemantz.com. Steve Morris is a Film maker and film historian as well as the host of The Cine-Files. Between these two movie-loving wizards, one gets insights into TOS that they may have never considered before!

And best of all, they are reviewing each episode in production order; that is the way they were originally produced, not aired. (Like the way I created all my Star Trek posters!) This gives the listener a chance to grow along with Trek as it buds into the first real adult-themed science fiction drama. This was no Captain Video or Lost in Space, it was truly first drama series set in space, often mirroring the turbulent times in which it was created, with with modern commentaries wrapped in the wings of sci-fi. We see how the characters develop week to week, and how (thankfully) some ideas were rejected (so glad Spock was not painted red!).

Scott and Steve are several years younger than I am, and like them, I am part of what they have cleverly dubbed “The Syndication Generation”. These were the middle-schoolers and teens that caught up with Star Trek when it first hit syndication in the early 70s. And as you may know, it was the syndication of Trek that launched it into the TV legend it is today!

I totally identify with these guys. When I hear their excited and almost brotherly banter, I’m thinking – “Yes! Yes! That’s what I thought too!” They each have a backlog of Trek minutiae, but their clear love and devotion to TOS will make any fan feel right at home. But the most astonishing thing about these dives is how much even die-hard fans will find new and enlightening about Trek.

Consider this — You learn not only what went on during productions of TOS, but what real-life events were happening the week of that production and sometimes how it affected the stories. I have also learned some of the production lingo – like a musical “sting” which is when you hear a blast of music at a tense time in the drama (often just before a commercial break).*

They also consider points like the following:

How different the series was in The Cage and what a different series it would have been had the the first pilot had become the series. (Honestly, although The Cage was brilliant, Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike would have given it a totally different vibe).

What would have happened to Yeoman Rand if Grace Lee Whitney wasn’t (shamefully) fired? Consider all the stories that involved Yeoman’s in season 1 after she left; a LOT of these stories were originally written for Yeoman Rand, which surely would have given her a much stronger presence, not to mention a closer relationship with Captain Kirk.

What single direction did Leonard Nimoy receive early on gave him great insight into the Spock character?

Was Lieutenant Charlene Masters supposed to fall in love with Lazarus?

Was Lt. Kevin Riley supposed to be a regular character?

Why didn’t they just use a shuttlecraft in The Enemy Within? (that’s easy!)

One thing I really love about the podcast is how these two dive into the often incredible dialogue and mindsets of the characters that one may have never noticed before or forgot. You’ll be delighted to hear their insights into how and why episodes were written and produced, and these guys pull no punches either. If there is an episode they love, you’ll know, and if it’s one that that they consider the worst, they tastefully and succinctly describe how and where it went wrong and how it could have been so much better under different circumstances. But regardless of quality, they clearly LOVE The Original Series.

I do wish we could also have a female point of view here — but they have occasional guests, and I haven’t heard all the episodes yet** so they might have a woman on in the future. — Heck, I’d LOVE to have a deep dive into TOS with these guys! Gentleman, I congratulate you on this fine euphoric podcast!

So hop on board with Scott and Steve – you’ll be in Trekkie heaven!

Drinking game – You’ll have to swig a Tranya whenever you hear “You’re so right!” and “I agree 100%!” πŸ˜‰

  • * My Son is taking film-making and it helps me to understand his courses!
  • **I’m up to episode 15 – Court Martial.

Goodnight Commander. Joanne Linville, 1928-2021 (Gallery)

Sad to report that today, another star has fallen from the Trek Galaxy. The amazing Joanne Linville peacefully passed away on Sunday, June 20 in California. She was 93.

Although she had many acting roles, she was cherished as the first female Romulan Commander ever seen in the Trek universe, in the classic The Enterprise Incident. From the first time I ever saw that episode, The Romulan Commander became one of my most favorite characters in TOS. Her coolness and manner even rivaled Spock; the object and ultimate betrayer of her affections.

The Enterprise Incident itself was not a perfect episode, but definitely one of the better highlights of the weaker final season. Joanne’s character was a strong, cool, and (naturally) commanding character, and she flew with it. I loved her from the moment she scoffs at Kirk when he says he is honored to meet her. She sealed her character’s personality in that quick moment; the Romulan Commander takes no crap from anyone, regardless of rank!

Linville’s chemistry with Nimoy was on point too. You can see her passion growing in her eyes every time she stares at him, and in the sultry, if firm, tone in her voice. Even though we knew Spock was only ‘flirting’ with the Commander under orders, you couldn’t deny the ‘feelings’ of the characters throughout the episode. Especially in the end where Spock expresses his hope to her that they exchanged something more permanent than fleeting military secrets.

Did you know that in the original script, Spock was supposed to ‘rain kisses’ all over the Commander’s shoulder? Although I’m sure that visual would be enjoyable, DC Fontana and Nimoy both found it quite illogical for Spock’s character to slobber all over her, so it was thankfully changed. She was cool, He was cool, and he initiates intimacy with some stroking hand-play that somehow comes off even sexier than any nibbling might have been. (Not NOW, TAL!!)

Another tidbit about Linville’s character was that although we never hear The Commander’s name in the original episode, The Romulan Commander name was revealed in Trek Fiction as Liviana Charvanek She was also known as Di’on Charvon, Thea, and Nevesa! How rare and beautiful indeed! It suits her!

Linville studied her craft well, and like Nimoy, taught acting. She started an acting conservatory with with her teacher Stella Adler, and she co-wrote the book Seven Steps to an Acting Craft. with John Deck. She performed in over 80 TV and movie appearances, and although never a regular in a series, she was unforgettable. She is survived by her former husband Mark Rydell, Children Amy and Christopher Rydell, who are both also actors. Amy even reprised her mother’s iconic role in the Star Trek Continues series Finale “To Boldly Go, Part II) (an astonishing resemblance!) She will be greatly missed but never forgotten. My deepest sympathy and comfort to her family. <3

Goodnight Charvanek, may you rest among the stars. I hope Spock has some blue Vulcan ale for you. <3

(GALLERY) Elf on a Shelf -Trek Style! The Finale! #’s 8,9,10,11,12 and So On!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! Sending you ALL the rest of my silly Trek-Style Dad-Joke Elf on a Shelves for your Holidays, as well as all the ones posted already! (I can’t believe I’ve made 20 of these!) Love you All and Wishing you a very happy, blessed and safe Christmas and New Years! Please let me know which are your favorites! See you in January! Hugs, Stay safe! – Therese xo

Trekonderoga Part II: Larry Marvick finds Miranda! (The Wonderful David Frankham)

One of my favorite moments of visiting ‘Trekonderoga’ recently was the meeting most delightful and friendly actor David Frankham, who memorably played the ill-fated Larry Marvick from TOS episode Is There in Truth No Beauty? David and his friend, (actor, illustrator, writer and composer) Jonathan David Dixon, came all the way from New Mexico to be at the con, and what a treat for all of us!

Not too long ago, David’s sleek grey black and burgundy suit from Star Trek was sold at auction, and who should have bought it, but James Cawley, the mastermind and operator of The Star Trek Original Set Tour in Ticonderoga! James invited David to join in this year’s convention and David was all in. Especially if he got to wear his costume again just once! He even slimmed down 18 lbs to fit into it again! (Gee, how many senior actors can fit into a costume they wore 51 years ago?) I applaud David on his ambition and as you can see, he looks marvelous here! (Miranda, you fool!) James posted this fantastic picture of David! He said it felt a little surreal to be on the set in costume, but what a thrill!

David Frankham in his original Larry Marvick Costume, August 22, 2019.
Photo provided by James Cawley.

I had friended David on Facebook about a year ago when I read a lovely article he wrote about being a boy in England during World War II. I had told him of my Father’s Army service which had taken him to England, and also (of course) that I was a Trekkie. I’d been following him ever since, and when I found out he was coming to my home state, I had to be there!

David did not disappoint. Waiting out front of The Star Trek Original Series tour with my son Matt and my friends Bobbie and Bill, I was wearing my Miranda Jones costume, and when David emerged from their car, and I hear a voice say ‘There she is!” and Bill caught this fun pic of us meeting: David said “Miranda!” and I think I said something like “I’m back Larry!” We shared a big hug; it was joy at first sight.

We visited in the parking lot for a short while before he went in, and he kindly let us take some pictures with him. And David has special method of having his picture taken; he had us bow our heads while Jonathan counted to three then pop his head up with a big ‘surprised’ smile, we cracked up a lot over that, but hey, it works!

Top Row: Meeting David, Wait a minute! 2nd Row: Jonathan Dixon Davis, David, and my son Matt having a good laugh and posing, David with our friend Bill, 3rd Row: David and Bobbie “count 3” while a Redshirt gives a perfect photo-bomb!, David and Bobbie, David and Me!

Later we visited a bit again while waiting for his presentation (see below) . The eager fans got to enjoy David recall his life in Movies and TV, and he has has a long and remarkably charmed career! From being a Host/Interviewer at the BBC, to movies like Ten Who Dared and the voice of Sgt. Tibbs in 101 Dalmations, to Classic TV like The Outer Limits and The Beverly Hillbillies, David has seen it all. David recalled many of his adventures, and of course we all couldn’t wait to hear of his time on Star Trek!

He admitted that up until recently he had never watched the full episode of Truth… only watching until his character Larry died! But he did watch the full episode recently and told us he really enjoyed the performances by Leonard Nimoy and Diana Muldaur, whom he noted were very professional and a delight to work with. He also mentioned that when he first came on the set, George Takei, in costume as Sulu, greeted him on the bridge set with a handshake and said “Hello David, Welcome to the Enterprise!” He said he had never had a lovelier welcome on any other series.

He reveled in telling his recollections and delightedly referred to friend Jonathan as his “external memory drive” to give him a hint when he needed it, but for a man of 93, David is as lucid as we all hope to be at that age! Best of all, he is still working in the business, his most recent project being the incredible stop action animation short film House of Seven Gables, where he voiced the narrator (who looks remarkably like him!) and Jonathan wrote the music for and also voiced the character of Mr. Holgrave. And if you’d like to read more about David, there is an excellent autobiography Which One Was David? by David Frankham and Jim Hollifield.

David’s talk just lit up the room. What a great pleasure to meet and hear him (with his lovely British accent, I might add πŸ™‚ ) And David it was a pleasure to finally meet you and I really hope you can come back next year! ( Lunch on me!) God Bless You, Live Long and Prosper, and looking forward to your next adventure! love, Therese πŸ™‚