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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays!


Wideo Wednesday Part II — TNG ‘Sings’ Let it Snow’ (Sort of!)

This is just so clever and beautifully timed! This just made my Christmas Season!

FArFri: Star Trek Christmas Cards by Nafftastic

It’s the most Trek-iful time of the year!  I looked up Trek and Christmas and came up with this:

First, these adorable Trek Christms Cards from nafftastic on Etsy.  I love that Uhura is a singing angel, although I think Scotty should have the red Rudolph nose and Spock should definitely be an Elf!




Merry Christmas Everyone!

A bit late in the day, (been out visiting for most of it!) But I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day, and I wish you all the best for a Happy and Restful  New Year!  Thanks for following my silly little blog, and I’ll have more fun in store for you coming in 2015!

Love, Blessings, and Live Long and Prosper, Therese xo

IMG_2028 copy  IMG_2031 copy IMG_2035 copy IMG_2036 copy IMG_2037 copyIMG_2039 copy IMG_2029 copy

And don’t forget the mistletoe! (Nurse Chapel didn’t! 😉 )HH 2011 2nd copy

FArFri — Jim’s Mistletoe Express (by Me!)

Here’s the belated Christmas TreKomic I promised! Happy Holidays from trekkerscrapbook!  christmas party 2And I may be a Spockie, but I’d be happy to take a ride on the Jim Kirk Mistletoe Express!

FArFri — Just for you, a Box O’Spocks!

Hello everyone!  A special FArFri for you today! Wishing you all a beautiful and safe Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!  Thanks for all your support!  As a little present , I offer you — a Box O’ Spocks!

For  a guy who is supposedly emotionless. Spock sure  SMILES a lot, especially in Season 1.  Although most of these smiles were generated through an alien force, like Henoch or Kollos, it’s  all the better for us!  To me, whenever Spock smiles, it was less Spock and pure  Nimoy.  May you find your holidays as pleasant! love, Therese 🙂

box o spocks

Happy Holidays 2011 From Trekker Scrapbook!

Sorry I’m a little late here! Hope you’ve all had (and are still having) wonderful holidays, and I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and blessed New Year! love, Therese 🙂