It’s Leonard’s Birthday!

Hey Kids — I haven’t forgotten what today is–Leonard is 83!   In fact, I’ve been working on a TreKomic for much of today, but it’s so BIG I’m going to have to re-size it!  Thanks for your patience and I hope to have it up before today is through!  Here’s a nice pic of our favorite fellah for now in his tender teenage years! Happy Birthday Sir!



7 responses to “It’s Leonard’s Birthday!

  1. Don’t worry; we KNEW you didn’t forget. 🙂

    Wow, he had cheekbones to die for even back then. Where did you get this picture, by the way?


  2. That’s a gorgeous pic of him!


  3. One word: Gorgeous;)


  4. Bobbie, Dominique, has everyone caught their breath? 😉


  5. No… Thank god 😉


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