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My Weekly Spock: Leonard Meets Himself.

I’ve been seeing a trend lately on social media with Photoshopped pictures of celebrities side-hugging their younger versions of themselves, so naturally I had to make one with Leonard!

I’ll be doing the whole cast within the next few weeks; stay tuned!

As I write this, I just realized that it was 41 years ago on this day when I first met Leonard in Elmira!   Today is also my sister’s birthday; Happy Birthday, Sis! ❤

(And thanks for your patience, I’ve been busy with my subbing job at the local Elementary School!)

FArFri – A Gallery of Nimoy/Spocks from Tafafa!

Hey Kids!

As you seen in previous FArFri , I’ve posted the work of artist Tafafa and her gorgeous renderings of Leonard Nimoy as himself and other characters.  Tafafa has admitted on her DeviantArt page that she’s totally fascinated with  Nimoy’s features, and aren’t we lucky that she captures him so beautifully?  As a Birthday Week Special, I’m posting a bunch of her Nimoy studies– from kid to Senior — Prepare to be blown away.  Enjoy!


Young Leonard seems to be channeling Alfred E. Neuman here!



Ah, Youth!


They Dynamic Duo — You’ve got to check out all her stuff!


This is remarkable not just for its intimacy, but for the way it portrays the pain of Pon Farr.


I love this one – it really captures his personality.


Young and Old!


Just too adorable!


With the wisdom of his years — his eyes look a little teary here. Stunning.


Toon Tuesday 10/30/12 Two for Tuesday!

Through a Glass Kirkly, parts I and II:

My Daily Spock 5/17/12

Voicing Spock on The Big Bang Theory.  Glad he’s finally letting his crew cut grow out!

My Daily Spock 5/16/12

Reality check.  With age comes wrinkles, wisdom, and hopefully, serenity.  Only human, after all.

My Daily Spock 5/15/12

Continuing Senior’sWeek  — This is a splendid sketch of Leonard and Bill that the artist made as a tribute to the two during their 8oth Birthday week last year. He really captured their personalities here.   (5/16– p.s.  I just found the photo this was based on! Nice!)


My Daily Spock 5/14/12

Cool Grandpa Week-because true cool  is ageless.  (Mr. Nimoy in his Autumn Years)