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FArFri: Spock with Kitty Isis

I love this.  I bet when Spock finally retired he had a few cats!   Unfortunately, I don’t have the artists’ name on file, but I’ll amend it when I find it!


# 56 Assignment: Earth

Ah Gary Seven! One of the few characters who could equal Spock’s coolness in the original series. Loved Teri Garr and Robert Lansing here (and the cat too!)  I’m really sorry this teaser/pilot disguised as a Star Trek episode wasn’t made into a regular series; I think it would have been fun!

I wonder if there is any Gary Seven fan fiction out there?  I think Bryan Cranston would make an excellent Seven in a reboot!

56-Assignment Earth

FArFri – ‘Disguise’ Series by Ayumi Lemura

This is a marvelous series of Fan Art  is by artist Ayumi Lemura on Deviant Art.  Kind of like what the whole main crew of the Enterprise in  Assignment: Earth again, but this time in the 21st Century!  Heck, I want to see this episode! Each character’s ‘cover’ works so well with their personalities.  Great Job! 

Camouflage_by_ayumi_lemura Disguise___McCoy_by_ayumi_lemura Disguise___Scotty_and_Uhura_by_ayumi_lemura Disguise___Sulu_and_Chekov_by_ayumi_lemura