For the Love of Spock Funded! Now let’s Help Celeste!

Hey Kids,

Happy to report that Adam Nimoy’s Kickstarter fund met it’s goal yesterday; ($662,640 total) one day short of the deadline!  I look forward to the final product of For the Love of Spock sometime next year!  Congratulations Adam!  (And I look forward to my bonus gift for contributing  🙂 )

In the meantime, I urge you to please contribute to Celeste Yarnall’s GoFundMe page to help pay the cancer bills her insurance won’t cover.  Celeste has another surgery coming up in late July (Hernia plus removal of a large cantaloupe-sized mass and insertion an IVC filter in a hip vein to protect her from the possible migration of two clots* to her heart or lungs).   This is a very trying and scary time for Celeste and her family, and I know that the love and support that went into Adam’s project would be so welcome and helping here.  Please send what you can, every bit will help.   If Adam can raise over $60,000 in one day, surely we can raise the rest of Celeste’s fund ($23,665) within a week!  Please share this message with all who can help.  Thanks so much, Therese

celeste cantaloupel

For the LOVE OF SPOCK! Please Contribute-2 Days to Go!!

adam _ dad 60s

Adam with Dad Leonard in the late 60’s

Adam Nimoy’s Kickstarter fund to make the documentary about his Dad Leonard Nimoy and Mister Spock is coming down the wire!

At this writing, the fund is at $537,454.  The Goal is $600,000 and it has to be made by July 1st!  Adam must raise $62,546 within the next 60 hours, not a penny less, or he will lose ALL of his funds pledged so far to make this labor of love.

I made my contribution and I wish I could send more, but I’m hoping that EVERYONE who reads this will contribute whatever they can, for this will be a very special and wonderful documentary, or should I say  ‘Spockumentary’!!

Please donate whatever you can before the deadline of July 1st.  Thanks so much!

FArFRi: Dramatic Fan Fic Art by June in Blue

Here’s an incredible piece  which appears to be from fan fiction by artist June in Blue (thanks for finding that info Karen Bailey Wisecarver!)

Is Kirk dying?  Is Spock mind-melding with him? Probably one of the most dramatic pieces I’ve ever seen.  Beautiful if sad. The body types and faces of the actors are right on the mark.   (And of course Kirk’s shirt is well torn!)


Celeste Update: 6/23/15 Clots Under Observation

celeste 6-22-15_updates

Celeste gets her CAT scan this past Monday (6/22) and gives a double LLAP! We’re with you, Celeste!

Dear Friends,

Celeste has just posted an update about the CAT Scan she had on Monday.  It’s not the best news, but it IS fixable (very soon).  The scan discovered two blood clots in her pelvic region and she will be receiving injections for six months (except during the surgery)  Celeste will have a IVC filter inserted to prevent the clots from migrating during the surgery for her hernia. It’s scary, but I have every faith that it will succeed.

As Celeste stated in the past couple hours:

 Just got a call from one of the doctors and here comes the scary/bad news bit. Apparently the CAT scan found a blood clot, actually two of them close together in my veins in my pelvis which is next to a mass that they think is a lymphocyst but they will not know for sure until they go in during the hernia surgery and get it out and off to pathology.

I have to go back to Cedars on Thursday to schedule an out patient procedure where they will put something like a tiny little basket/filter in my vein in my thigh to prevent the clot which is known as a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) from going to my heart.
I will have to have injected every night for 6 months, Lovinox which is something I got when I was in the hospital for the first surgery but it cannot be injected before, during or right after surgery.

Since we now need to do the surgery sooner than later we will probably be looking at July. I just about fainted with this phone call but I am keeping it together because the doctors promised this will all be handled. The doctor is trying to get home nursing to come to the house and give me the shot as I am set up for home nursing…age does have some advantages at times and Medicare home health is one of them. this shot needs to be given in my abdomen and I need to get these injections ASAP.

The doctor is finding a specialty pharmacy for these shots as my usual one doesn’t carry them. More later when we know more but again the PT scan didn’t light up any cancer so that so far is the good news. I am still a little shaky.

The pharmacy just called as I am typing this and the co-pay for these injections is high so I do need your help dear friends with even $5 donations to keep me going at GoFundMe The injections will be delivered
tomorrow as I need them right away.

Ok we can handle this right????? And I am very thankful for this high tech PT/CT scan machine for finding this out… right now!

And in her most recent statement 20 minutes ago:

The good news is we have a plan and we will now deal with blood clot situation, the Lovinox injections daily for at least 6 months and the out patient surgical procedure in preparation for the Hernia Repair surgery. I should know more after we see the doctor tomorrow, get the blood work done again and have an EKG.

Endurance is the operative word for today. I was warned that if I were to become short of breath I must head straight to emergency…are we having fun yet? I thought this inspiring message below might be good for all of us to take in.


Many thanks to my wonderful friends who have just contributed at my Gofundme link so generously just now to help with the co-pays and the added bills to what we have already been dealing with.

Here is the link to the site for my updates and donations, should the spirit move you to help financially. Truly, every $5 donation is cherished as are the larger ones.

And Yes, Every DONATION WILL HELP!   Please send what you can, and let Celeste know that we all are pulling for her!  Look at that spirit in the picture above!  Celeste, you are surrounded with love, prayers, and very healing thoughts!  FORWARD!

James Horner – Master Composer – 1953-2015

james-horner_vert-1f1ea932844a5195c9646df8875061b3850596d3-s400-c85So very sad to report the tragic passing of Master Composer James Horner, who was killed in a single engine plane crash in California.

Known for many iconic scores of Hollywood films, Trek fans remember and admire his seafaring, strong and touching score for Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, and its follow up themes in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

The theme for Kirk and Spock is particularly poignant, (especially when Spock dies) and now sounds all the more sad knowing that we’ll never have another score by Mr. Horner.

James explains the score of Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan here, and the themes of Khan, the Enterprise, and the bond between Kirk and Spock:

Mr. Horner also composed soaring themes for so many memorable movies, among them  Titanic, Avatar, Field of Dreams, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Braveheart, Glory, and countless others.

The movies have lost a great maestro.  I add my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.  May the magnificence of his music bring you comfort at this sad time.  I invite you take a little time today and listen to the work and empathy that are so magical here. Here are several of his memorable soundtracks:

Kaliedescope of  Mathmatics from A Beautiful Mind totally sounds like my  butterfly brain:

The beautiful theme to Cocoon                                                        

The soaring theme to Glory (hearing this now makes me very sad)

Rest in Peace, Mr. Horner.   Your music belongs to the ages.