I Dream of Blooper Reels and Conventions…

Occasionally I have Trek dreams, but  haven’t had one  in a long while,  so the one I awoke from on June 23rd was remarkable!

Apparently it was 1989 and I was at a Star Trek convention in Germany, just as the Berlin Wall was being torn down.  Thousands of people were at the Brandenburg Gate, cheering to be reunited with their relatives, and also, apparently a bunch of Star Trek fans.  On a podium were Shatner, Kelley, Doohan, and Nimoy smiling and waving.

Then suddenly there was a scene from a never-before-seen blooper reel.  There was Nimoy as Spock in a close-up tossing a red apple back and forth to someone off camera.  We see it being tossed at him, and it bonks him in the nose! There is no audio, but we can see him mouthing “OW!  That Hurt, Dammit!” then laughing it off!

Then I was back with the crowd,   Bill, De, and James all looked like themselves but Leonard looked a bit odd.  He was wearing the famous blue patchwork jacket and jeans, but his hair was down to his neck in an odd pageboy cut, kind of making him look like Robert Wagner as Prince Valiant!

Then there was another video, this one of Nimoy walking in a garden setting.  This time he looked as he did on In Search Of…   But it wasn’t so much  where he was, but what he said.  He was talking about making a good life, and he suddenly pointed to a flat stone on the path and said “Someday I will be buried here, but I’ll be alright.” ,then talked about how special every day is, and how not to waste it.  He said he was happy with his life.

Then next I only saw the thousands of people moving forward past the broken Berlin Wall, cheering along with their Trek heroes.

That was it, but it was quite amazing!   It inspired me to make this collage:

I Dream of Leonard with the Light Tan Suit…

glassesI dreamed of Leonard Nimoy this morning.   I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but I really don’t dream of him all the time!  (Although I have shared a few here) .

Anyway, I was sitting in an audience, probably at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space on Broadway, and I could see him at a distance, sitting on a panel with several other people, including Bill Shatner.  Leonard was talking with enthusiasm about acting in a play,  definitely mentioned something about Star Trek.  He wore a light tan suit and brown aviator glasses like the ones he wore in the ’70’s.  He was so happy and laughing, and his beautiful hands were gesturing with all his words.  Surprisingly (and most unrealistically) Shatner sat quietly and didn’t interrupt!  The audience laughed and applauded.

I felt so happy for him, and then suddenly it was just me and him on the stage, and he was directing me in a play.  Not much else after that, although I think this came to mind because (in real life)  I’ll be performing in a staged reading of The Importance of Being Earnest this coming Friday!

Nice to know dream Leonard has my back in acting!

Sweet dreams, everyone <3

Dream of Nimoy on Broadway

I had another funny dream this morning — I was reading a Daily News tabloid that had a big headline proclaiming “THAT’S NOT SPOCK!” and a photo of Nimoy in a old bathrobe on stage in an angry stance.  The article read “Cursin’ Grumpy Grandpa rules the Broadway Stage!”  It proceeded to explain that Nimoy’s latest venture was playing a Grouchy, intolerant, Archie Bunker-like character in a new musical!  There were photos of him laughing and mingling with the cast, and comments that “He really enjoys this, it’s so out of character for him!”  And I could hear someone say that he’d be performing in it BOTH of the theaters named after him on NYC and LA! (In reality there’s only the one in NYC).

As I looked at the ad, I thought “Wait, he’ s in a play?  I’d love to see this! Then I thought “But wait…” and I quickly scanned for the date;  it was dated 2012.  I had missed it.

I wonder what brought this on?  I had been reading a Daily News in the cafe at Wegman’s yesterday, and its tabloid style was clearly all over the paper in the dream.  I’ve also been thinking of going to NYC lately, and Nimoy occasionally pops up in my dreams.   Maybe somewhere in my brain The Lazy Song was playing too, and that would explain the bathrobe!


Another Trek Dream

January 10, 2012

I awoke this morning from a funny Trek dream.  It takes place in the new Trek Movie – but with the original actors as they were in the 60’s.

At one point, Spock has to seduce a crew member to get info regarding an impending invasion.  I marvel at the scene, for we only see the scene from over his lover’s uniformed shoulder; he lets his eyes do all the flirting. (ah, those Nimoy eyes) She has long black hair – This was probably a reference to a book I read many years ago called  Spock, Messiah! (Oh how my Mom hated the sacrilegious title of that book! )

Mr Leslie yells at Spock –Since when can you Pon Farr at will?

Spock replies “It is always there, we can control it, but it makes you feel really weird! (Makes goofy face)

There are more crew on the Enterprise, mostly other characters from 60s TV shows! (You see the Addams Family walking the corridor!

Khan is among the villains the Enterprise has to face – we see him lying in sickbay in his gold net overalls.

At some point there is a big battle and of course the Enterprise wins.  I try to rewind it on my DVR to show it to my sister, but of course it doesn’t work.


I suspect this silly dream came about because I read about the upcoming Trek 2 movie and disappointment that the villain might be Khan.  I say, bring on the new movie, I can’t wait to see it!  Yet after 45 years, why do I still have the occasional Trek dream? Well, they say the things you love are always in your heart, so I’ll just leave it to that. And maybe it’s because he’s 80 now, and like someone I’ve known for so long, I know that sooner or later Nimoy will pass on to eternity, and I’d just like to know if he’s ever read this blog.  Hey Leonard, you there?

George Takei Dream

July 15, 2011

I don’t usually dream about Mr. Takei, but I’ve been working on my ‘StarTreKomics’ so much for this website, that he was bound to pop up sooner or later.

The dream began with me and my sister (K) at a beautiful old theater palace, to watch what we think will just be a lecture by George Takei.

It turns out to be a magnificent production of a play where George is the protagonist.

When the curtains open, we see George rise from a futon on the floor, dressed in light blue satin pajamas.  He is a rich man, but a spiritual one. He does some yoga stretches, then the scene changes.

We are now in a lush Polynesian village where little children dance in a circle, dressed in white, waving white origami bird puppets and streamers above their heads. It’s so beautiful it chokes me up.

The mothers and fathers of these children smile and join in the dance.  George enters shirtless, in white pants, with a red tattooed symbol over his heart. He joins in the dance, and this is a very happy place.

Yet every time I try to take a picture, my camera dies! (Naturally!) I’m also trying to get my sister to watch this lovely scene, but she’s moved to a corner of the auditorium, busily editing manuscripts.

Yet the next scene is as tragic as the last was joyful.   George is alone, head down, slowly walking from the now empty village, where we assume he was the only survivor. There are bare, thin black tree silhouettes against a gray sky, and traces of smoke billow around him.  He has lost everything.  He stops, looks to the sky, inhales deeply and straightens his shoulders. Standing tall, he walks determined toward his future.

(Now the dream gets goofy).

Suddenly the stage is empty, and a podium appears with Leonard Nimoy behind it (Wha-a-a?) He’s about to give the epilogue of the story. But as I try to take a picture, Nimoy and the podium are no longer live in front of us, but projected as a movie image that gets smaller and smaller until it’s gone.

The curtains close, and George comes out in a silk taupe colored ghi like the one David Carradine wore on Kung Fu!   He sits serenely cross-legged on the hardwood floor in front of us and asks the audience for questions about this profound performance.

(Camera’s not working again)

I try to tell him how moved by the show I was, but I hear an obnoxious woman ask him a stupid question about Star Trek.

George graciously ignores the question, closes his eyes, smiles thinly, and fades into nothingness.

He leaves us asking, “Was any of this real?”

Then I woke up.

The most startling thing to me about this whole dream was how vivid and cohesive it was. Dreams like this are few and far between, but what a nice surprise! Wishing you all sweet dreams.