Wideo Wednesday 5/22/13 Some Darn Fine Trek Music

I got to listening to some of the Trek soundtracks and these are among my favorites. Soaring, majestic,  sad, introspective, romantic,  nerve-wracking, triumphant. In other words, everything a great score should be! I’m so happy to see that the Abrams reboots have carried on this tradition of excellent music.

Picnic– From The Cage  (I can hear Pike saying “Tango! You old devil!”)

Technically this is Ruth’s Theme from Shore Leave, but to me it’s always Leila saying goodbye in This Side of Paradise

Mr. Spock

Remorse/Marriage Council II

The Ritual/Ancient Battle/2nd Kroykah (Da-da DAH DAH
DAH DAH DAH Da-da-da-da…)

A splendid tribute to every episode by Lawrence Whitehurst , with a great orchestration of the Original Theme by Alexander Courage:

“Enterprising Young Men” (2009 Theme) (I love this, it is so exhilarating)

Ilia’s Theme “There’s a star beyond time” (ST:TMP) (Truly sublime)

Closing theme from Star Trek (2009) (and everything old is new again)

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