5 thoughts on “FArFri: “Unsure” A Young, Pensive Spock from The Cage, by artist karracaz

  1. If Mr. Nimoy had known then what he knows now, I wonder if he’d choose to take the role of Spock or decline to be in “The Cage” and see where his career went without Spock?

    • Well…I think most of us go through life and at the end of the day have few regrets. I think if he knew then what he knows now he probably would have done it anyway. After all, he’s gained immortality as a pop culture icon, and still had time to pursue all of his other creative impulses 🙂

      • But he can’t go ANYWHERE without security surrounding him, and he hasn’t been able to for FORTY-EIGHT YEARS! And making friends must be difficult, because he never knows if people want to know him because he’s a great guy or because he’s The One Who Contains Spock. Even other celebrities can get goofy about Spock; I saw a video with Whoopi Goldberg where she talked about getting all excited and nervous about meeting Mr. Nimoy “because that’s Spock over there.” So even someone who’s a famous actress and comedienne herself can’t meet him just as Leonard.

        Spock opened some doors for Mr. Nimoy, but he closed others, and one of the doors he closed is the ability for Mr. Nimoy to ever live a normal life.

        Obviously, I’m thrilled that we have Spock. But playing him did cost Mr. Nimoy far more than he ever expected.

  2. Actually, he didn’t have any security when I met him in NY — he seemed pretty laid back. But the man is technically ‘retired’ and it’s no wonder he just wants to hang with his grandkids! I’m sure he has many friends, so I’m just thankful all his gifts to the world. Bless him.

  3. I don’t think his life is that restricted by fame, certainly not these days. And I’ve always had the impression that he’s got lots of friends from all different walks of life, who are presumably used to rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. I doubt he’d hesitate for a moment!

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