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Happy Thanksgiving!

My Weekly Spock –Play it again, Spock

I always loved when we’d see a glimpse of Spock with his lyre.  It would be nice to see him with it in the next movie.  (But wait, that would mean a moment of quiet meditation and you can’t have that in a blockbuster action picture!)  Anyway, here’s Spock at his best musical self…


Sweetest scene ever!


A scene sadly cut from the original series. From Elaan of Troyus.


Quiet meditation


Keeping it handy in his quarters


This always made me cringe…


The Platonians were sadists, but it was nice of them to think of Spock’s musical side…

“Gridlock” (by Me!) Trek Screens as Art.

One  aspect of the Original Series production design that always intrigued me was the use of openwork grids as dividers in crew quarters, engineering, and other areas on the Enterprise and sometimes on planets.  The honeycomb grids were often repainted in different colors and used wherever needed. They were definitely reflective of mid-century style, which was probably considered most futuristic.  Yet somehow, as industrial as the grids looked, I somehow found them strangely cozy; maybe it was the way they were lit or especially the way their shadows fell on the characters at stealthy or dramatic moments.

All the grid-work inspired me to manipulate screen caps into this little collage, along with some other fancy openwork panel dividers that set the mood!  If you zoom in on this, you can see some of the characters. 🙂


My Weekly Spock– Some Sublime Spock Lighting

I got to looking at some stills from Season 1 of Trek and I gotta tell you, I think the lighting in season 1 was some of the most beautiful in the history of television.  The lighting had film noir  quality with lots of shadows and ‘baby’ spotlights on the eyes.   By Season 3, the budget was tighter than ever and the lighting just wasn’t as ethereal and painterly as it was in the first two seasons.

Anyway, here’s some sublimely lit Spock for you…


By the way, have you ever wondered why the background color on this site is lavender purple? Now you know! All the walls of the Enterprise sets were painted gray, but the lighting gave them their beautiful pastel shades. Kudos to Director of Photography Jerry Finnerman for his light artistry.

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Toon Tuesday 2/5/13 ‘Charlie’s Audition’

Charlie's AuditionCharlie lost the audition to Harry Mudd, who sang  ‘Rosie’s Turn’ from Gypsy!


ToonTuesday: 11/20/12 “Bad Preview”