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FArF: The Stylish World of Gary Anderson

For this weeks fan art, I found some more wonderful work by Gary Anderson (a.k.a. darkwing75) on DeviantArt.   Gary has created dozens of these stylish images of sci-fi and fantasy characters in his signature fashion plate style. (I’m guessing there’s a template he uses).  Here’s his take on some of the best Star Trek ladies from Earth and Elsewhere.  I especially like Isis from Assignment: Earth.   As I costume-fanatic, all I can say is Mr. Anderson, more please!

vina_by_nightwing1975-d3b3g3kamanda_grayson_by_nightwing1975-d7s4m30 shahna_by_nightwing1975-d6glau9isis_by_nightwing1975-d7z7f5p

FArFri – “Main Crew – The Cage, by Gary Anderson.

Here’s this weeks Fan Art:  Let’s go way way back! Here a splendid representation ofmain_crew____the_cage_by_nightwing1975-d3b06wd the original crew of the Enterprise by artist Gary Anderson.   Can you imagine how different the series would have been if this pilot sold? Note the original font for “STAR TREK” too!