53 TOS Images for Star Trek’s 53rd Anniversary!

Yesterday, September 8th was the 53rd Anniversary of Star Trek, and aren’t we lucky to have had this happyplace in our lives? Wishing Happy Anniversary to the surviving cast of The Original Series, William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and Walter Koenig, and happy memories of our beloved other cast members, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan, Majel Barret, Grace Lee Whitney, and of course the creator, Gene Roddenberry. The dream of a better future lives on with Star Trek in all of it’s incarnations! May its vision of a peaceful and caring society truly live long and prosper!

One thing I loved about the original series is that even though not all characters had equal time, there were countless little moments where we’d see the human (or otherwise) nature of characters that would give us a peek into their personalities. Little quirks anyone could understand. In honor of 53 years of Star Trek, here are 53 moments of my favorite TOS episodes, šŸ™‚

Also, more coverage of my visit to TreKonderoga in August coming this week!Ā 


7 thoughts on “53 TOS Images for Star Trek’s 53rd Anniversary!

  1. 500 Stellas: the one thing Mirror Kirk would be jealous of our Kirk about.

    “And I thought the Agony Booth was rough!” šŸ˜®

    • Which theme did you prefer on Space 1999? Season 1 or 2? I prefer Season One; So Seventies! I watched every new episode of 1999 when it came out, it was the closest I could get to a 70’s Trek! Also loved UFO.

  2. “Athena! You were right! This skirt DOES make my butt look big!” šŸ˜›

    This could become a meme; just throw anything in after the first four words.

    “Athena! You were right! Roddenberry rules, Abrams drools!”

  3. An anime I enjoy, called Non Non Biyori, centers around four girls who attend a tiny school in rural Japan (The background scenery is gorgeous). The black-haired girl, Hotaru, is very fond of her older classmate, Komari (the brown-haired girl). She expresses this affection by making plushies of Komari. Lots of plushies. In one episode, her friends came over to visit, and Hotaru rushed to hide the plushies. This being a comedy, of course, they fell out of her wardrobe cabinet.


    Well, on an anime forum I frequent, I mentioned that if I could draw, I would draw a crossover pic with Jim Kirk buried in Komari-plushies, instead of tribbles. Naverwolf, a Webfriend of mine, can draw, and she made this. šŸ™‚


    I love Kirk’s expression, like “This is not even the strangest thing that has happened to me TODAY.” šŸ˜†

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