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Separated at Birth: Star Trek Lookalikes Part III !

Note: I added Kelinda (Barbara Bouchet) who looks even more like Celeste Yarnall! (Martha)

Here’s my most recent list of Star Trek look-alikes.  Can you think of any more? You can see Parts I and II here and here. 🙂

My Weekly Spock: Skyping with Leonard.

Sadly, but understandably,  Mr. Nimoy doesn’t do conventions in person anymore, but isn’t it nice to know that the Trek technology has caught up with reality and now he Skypes!   Who wouldn’t want to Skype with Grandpa Leonard? Here’s some candids of him at recent events, including a shot of him enjoying his doppelganger (and trekkerscrapbook follower) Paul Spock Vegas Forest! (Hey Paul, want to do an interview? 🙂 )

dst3nimoy-03 dst3nimoy-head Nimoy 2 1412666370-the-stars-come-out-at-the-destination-star-trek-convention_5954378

Just like the old days, eh? 😀


My Weekly Spock — Spock switching to DISH?

I think Spock is fed up with Cable monopolies and switching to DISH! Great old promo shot. 🙂 Looks like it’s from “The Corbomite Maneuver” era (note high collar)


#3 The Corbomite Manuever

I thought it would be fun to tell this from Uhura’s point of view–that’s such  a great screen cap of her! (Thanks Star Trek Core!) This was the only episode where Lt. Uhura wore Command Yellow. And note Balok peeking over her desk!