FArFri – “Main Crew – The Cage, by Gary Anderson.

Here’s this weeks Fan Art:  Let’s go way way back! Here a splendid representation ofmain_crew____the_cage_by_nightwing1975-d3b06wd the original crew of the Enterprise by artist Gary Anderson.   Can you imagine how different the series would have been if this pilot sold? Note the original font for “STAR TREK” too!

3 responses to “FArFri – “Main Crew – The Cage, by Gary Anderson.

  1. Wow, the artist captures them all SO WELL. Nicely done.

    I’m so glad that they changed the bridge crew from what it was in “The Cage.” An all-white crew would have made Star Trek so much less than it could have been … and ultimately was.

    And whenever I see footage from “The Cage,” I’m glad they changed Spock’s look. It’s amazing how much difference the less-shaggy eyebrows and hair make; the smoother look fits so much better with the emotional control that came to define the character.


  2. I agree that the homogenous look of the first series would have turned Trek into another vanilla adventure show — which was never its intent. I’m very glad the mixed it up more in the second pilot and even more so in the series. I wish they could have kept Number One in the series (maybe as a engineer). But even the whole attitude toward women in the first pilot was distinctively of the mid-century ‘man’s world’ aesthetic.
    Sometimes I wonder how TOS would have progressed into the early 70’s if it wasn’t canceled — with the Women’s Liberation movement in full swing, I bet we would have seen more female centered plots. Would have LOVED to see Uhura in charge of the bridge for a change. Ah well, that’s what fan fiction is for.
    Glad you’re all enjoying this -Therese


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