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Happy 86th Birthday Bill Shatner!

Hey Captain! Our Captain hits 86 today!  Happy Birthday Bill! God bless you with another beautiful year and many many more!

BTW, Guess who I got my picture taken with last June at Star Trek: Mission New York?  — I was wearing my Dr. Miranda Jones costume and had Bill hold a faux red rose with me, just like in the episode!  (Silly me!) He looks perfectly flummoxed here, but it was totally worth it!

I’ll write more about my convention experiences from last year soon; very busy lately with my two jobs and also rehearsing for local production of Jesus Christ Superstar!

My Weekly Spock: Spock Blocks

Looking for expressive Spock faces, I got a little creative this week. 🙂 Enjoy these ‘Spock Blocks’

Spock blocks

#62 “Is There in Truth, No Beauty?”

Here’s my latest — A study in unconventional love. Definitely one of the better third season episodes.  I was careful not to give away her secret, hence the eye reference.   Someday I’m gonna make a Miranda costume!

Is There in Truth no beauty

Toon Tuesday “Federation Bachelorette”

bachelorette…So Kirk is thinking “You know you want me, baby!”

Spock is thinking “I am the logical choice.”

Poor Larry is sweating ” I LOVE YOU, MIRANDA!”

Sulu is just “Uh, Why am I here?”

And Ambassador Kollos knows he has it in the bag!


Toon Tuesday 3/12/13 Don’t Shoot the Messenger…

Unwelcome research

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Probably the most festive poster I’ve ever made! Note the Gorn’s pilsner! Singing and drinks all around!