My Weekly Spock: Right Side

Sorry I’m late this week Kids! Getting very busy with work!  Here’s some smooth Leonard for you, let’s just get on his ‘right’ side.  :-)


FArFri: Classic TOS Portraits (Part I: Sulu and Uhura) by Jason Cheeseman Mayer

For this (and next) week’s fan art, I’ve found some wonderfully rich portraits of the TOS cast by artist Jason Cheeseman Mayer (jason cm) on DeviantArt. This week we have Sulu and Uhura.  I love the poses he chose and how beautiful he  makes the eyes.  More next week!sulu03med_by_jasoncm-d81fdcx


#59 The Paradise Syndrome

As I finished this, I realized I had subconsciously made a couple of pyramids; or more accurately, teepees.  The three Kirks here form a triangle, and Earth Mother Miramanee forms a loving triangle around her beloved Kirok.  :-)

Of course the great triangular obelisk lurks in the background; that must have cost a pretty penny for a big prop that would only be used once!

I think Sabina Scharf was gorgeous as Miramanee, even if her skirt was inaccurately short!

59 The Paradise Syndrome

Wideo Wednesday: Canticle/Scarborough Fair

It’s a rainy Wednesday.  I need some Simon and Garfunkel…

Update:  Adding this version by S&G with Andy Williams – Just beautiful. Thanks to scrapper Winston for reminding me of it!

#58 Elaan of Troyius

My latest poster!  I loved France Nuyen as Elaan — and thought it would be good to show the story from her point of view.  ( Gotta love that wig!)

58 Elaan of Troyus

My Weekly Spock: Some on-set silliness

I’m always happy to find candid stills of TOS production!  Here’s some gems from all three seasons.   Love the lollipop (it was hot on those sets!)

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That Shirt.

Makes sense, right?

That Shirt