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Fan Art Friday is back! Here to give you your Trek art fix every week!

I don’t know who made this, but it screams late 60’s early 70’s  ad copy!  Note the intense mini-Kirks around the edges and that the the goggles are 100% Dylithium Crystal Clear!   Brilliant!

(And if anyone knows who made this, let me know, I want to credit them!)


Back from a Busy Summer! Museum Trek at the Museum of the Moving Image

Hey Everyone!  How you all doing? Did you have a nice summer? Did you get outside?  Did you see the Super Blood moon on Sunday night? Any adventures? Romances? New recipes?

The bulk of my summer was spent on two main things; getting myself into better shape and helping our son get his driver’s license.  Happy to report we succeeded on both accounts; my son got his license and I’m feeling great!

I had a few adventures — I had gone to the Museum of The Moving Image in NYC to see the Mad Men exhibit (now closed)  What a joy to see many of the iconic costumes and recreations of the sets in person!  But to my delight,     there was also an exhibit of classic TV and Movie memorabilia, and what should I see there but some awfully familiar Star Trek stuff from my youth!

One big surprise was seeing the red spaceman costume Robin Williams wore as Mork in Mork and Mindy, not just because it was worn by the wonderful Williams, but also because of its relation to Star Trek!  Did you know that Mork’s red uniform was originally worn by Colonel Green in the Trek episode The Savage Curtain?  (But to be fair, I’d take Mork over Green anyday!)  Hmm, better add this costume recycle to that article I wrote a while back…)


Col. Green in his original red uniform in “The Savage Curtain” and Mork in his modified version of the same costume in Mork and Mindy. Mork’s costume removed the small accouterments from the shoulders and added the silver triangle, but kept the collar and cuff detail’ later adding the black epaulets.

IMG_5808 copy

The Mork/Green Costume as is appears today at the MOTMI

And as if seeing an actual Trek costume wasn’t enough, I found a whole mess of Trek stuff in the section “Behind the Screen” which featured lots of Trek and other baby boomer series merchandising (Jetsons, Man from UNCLE, you name it!)   There were also many dolls from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and even several fanzines, as well as models, puzzles and toys. I admit, seeing some of the Trek items there from the 1970’s, including a mug and a Mego Spock doll that I still actually have at home made me feel a little old!   But nice to know that some of my old stuff is considered museum worthy!

I gotta tell you, merchandising for Star Trek went crazy in the 1970s — and not all of it great quality — so often the uniform colors were wrong (Spock as a redshirt!) or promo photos were printed backward.  But as long as it had those Trek characters on it (especially Mr. Spock) it was a slam dunk for merchandising!  The only thing I didn’t see were Star Trek Colorforms (Remember Colorforms?)    Enjoy the pics!


Trek Merchandising exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image

A squeezable soft Spock Doll from ST:TMP

A squeezable soft Spock Doll from ST:TMP


A grouping of big and small ST:TMP dolls


Mego Trek dolls, including the rare Klingon, Gorn, and Cheron doll, and a plastic mug and bowl set (I have that very mug and the Mego Spock!)


Animated Trek puzzle in a can and a really nice Romulan Bird of Prey model.


Trek party plates & napkins (Spock a Red Shirt!) and simple puzzle.


Stickers, and a Trek ‘movie viewer’. Would have loved to tear this open! (note backward photo of K, S, & M)


IMG_5821 Necklaces, pins, and a Trek watch (basically anything that could be utilized into Trek merchandise was gold in the 70’s)   Some Early Fanzines (beginnings of Spirk?)

So did you have a good summer too?  Miss me?  ;-)   Next time- Seeing the Space Shuttle Enterprise!

Happy 79th Birthday Walter Koenig!

Our favorite Navigator turns 79 today ! Happy Birthday Walter!  Birthday Walter Koenig 79

I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled postings on the 30th – See you then! -Therese

Happy 49th Anniversary Star Trek!

Hey Kids,

I interrupt my hiatus yet again to remind you all that today is a special anniversary!   Happy 49th Star Trek! You have truly lived Long and Prospered!

(And you may notice I threw in a little shout out to Stephen Colbert, who’s Late Night Show premieres tonight on CBS) :-)

See you on the 30th!

Happy 49th Star Trek

Yvonne Craig – 1937-2015 :-(

I interrupt my hiatus to bring you some sad news — Yvonne Craig, whom legions of fans remember as BatGirl on the original Batman series, passed away on Monday; she was 78, from complications of breast cancer.

whomgodsdestroyhd0605 batgirl

She was a wonderful dancer and actress, and her memorable Marta, the Green Orion in Whom Gods Destroy was the perfect crazy sidekick to Garth.

I remember watching her on Batman as BatGirl, and thinking how cool she was!  As a child though, I couldn’t understand how her hair was so short and black as  Barbara Gordon but so long and luxuriously red as Bat Girl! (my 7 year old brain hadn’t figured out wigs yet!).  After the series ended, she did a funny promo for the Federal Equal Pay Law; something we’re still waiting for…

Here’s the NPR report on her passing:


Here’s the compelling statement from her family:

“Wish Number One, is that her family, friends and fans would know how much she loved them and always treasured her time with them. Wish Number Two, was that no one waste a moment of their time in mourning for her loss in sadness but instead celebrate the awesome life she had been fortunate enough to live. She felt that she lived a wonderful life and was blessed in many ways.”

Rest in Peace lovely lady, actress, and dancer.  :-(

(I’ll be back on September 30th)

Taking a Hiatus. See you in the Fall!


Therese (self-portrait)  on  July 11, 2015

Hey Everyone,

I’m going to be taking some time off for a little while. Hours are building up at work, but more importantly, I have a lot of projects to do at home, as well as needing to get sufficient rest and exercise to get myself in better shape.   I need to lose @ 12 lbs. by the end of September, and my health is paramount. I’m down four already!   :-D    It’s a start.

I don’t get as much traffic in the summer anyway, and that’s the way it should be!   I urge you all to get out there and have some fun!  Throw a Frisbee, play badminton, bike, hike, swim,  and do all the glorious things this season blesses is with. It’s almost 1/2 over!

See You in September

If you’re missing your Trek fix there’s over 900 posts on this site! Dig around!

And if you look to the left column here, you’ll see a countdown for when I come back!

I wish you a refreshing and restful summer, and I’ll see you in (late) September! Love to all and LLAP

And please don’t forget Celeste’s cancer fund — Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she reached her $50K goal by the time I come back???   Please help it become a reality;  you can donate here<3

See you in September! – Therese  :-)

Today’s Toon: The Enterprise in “Hair Today…”

I just couldn’t resist!  Part II is in its 1st draft…

Hair Today Part I