FArf: A Computer Read Out Spock!

Hey Kids,

Back around 1978 or 9 I was given this cool (and for the time) state-of-the-art computer-printed illustration of Spock!  (Possibly from one of my siblings) It’s antiquated by today’s standards, but still pretty cool.   I love the quote, yet although I don’t think Spock ever said this, it totally fits his personality.

I recall ‘tweaking’ the original with a felt-tip marker (making more hairs on his head and darkening the collar).  It’s been  mounted on cardboard and has been sitting with my stuff in the basement for years.   I scanned it and fixed its yellowing and age marks with Photoshop, but it still has a place in my heart :-)

computer spock


Look who made the funny papers!

Did you see today’s ‘Mother Goose and Grimm‘? Occasionally creator Mike Peters goes off topic, and here, we get some Trek silliness :-)MGG-2014-11-21

My Weekly Spock – Profile in Courage

I’m happy to report that TOS gallery of  images is back on TrekCore! (thanks for the update Cory!)

While searching for images for my next poster (And the Children Shall Lead) I noticed that this episode featured an abundance of side shots of Spock.  Enjoy the epic profile!

andthechildrenshallleadhd0205 andthechildrenshallleadhd0251 andthechildrenshallleadhd0262 andthechildrenshallleadhd0267 andthechildrenshallleadhd0280 andthechildrenshallleadhd1011 andthechildrenshallleadhd1029 andthechildrenshallleadhd1086 andthechildrenshallleadhd1113 andthechildrenshallleadhd1122 andthechildrenshallleadhd1144

FArFri: Trek Trio by wynahiros

Here’s a bold and  dramatic trio of K,S,  & McC by artist wynahiros  from deviant art.  Love this!


Happy Veteran’s Day

Remembering our Vets today with love. <3

Here’s my Dad, Bill McKenzie (1918-1974) during WWII, and with my Mom, Anna (1920-2013) on their wedding day. <3

Dad in the ArmyAnna+Bill Wedding 1943 tinted copy - Copy

Hi Everybody! Busy Busy Busy!

Hey Kids,

Work and home life have been very busy lately (as I suspect they will through Christmas)  I have several drafts on tap here but not much time to finish them!  I hope to have some fresh Trekkiness for you later this week, thanks for your patience! -Therese  :-)   Still hoping that the TOS gallery from TrekCore will come back online too so I can finish my posters!!  :-(


Wideo Wednesday: George Takei on The Colbert Report

In case you missed it — Here’s a funny reference to StarTrek episode of  A Taste of Armageddon on The Colbert Report by a great guest appearance by George Takei!