FArF: Spock by Paul Hanley

Spock by PaulHanley

Hey Kids,

Sorry I’m late today with this — busy day!  This week’s Fan Art is a lovely tribute to Leonard Nimoy by artist Paul Hanley — I like that he presented two sides of Spock, the ever so logical and the softly emotional.  I think Leonard would have loved this. Bravo Paul.  :-)

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Celeste Yarnall Update — Let’s Make This Happen NOW!!


Hey Kids,

As you may recall from my last update, I issued a challenge to all of you to raise $1,500 for Celeste’s cancer fund, and if we achieved this goal we’d get an Exclusive Interview with Celeste here.   Alas, so far I’ve only seen one donation (aside from my own) that has the words ‘trekerscrapbook’ on it, and suffice to say. we’re nowhere near the $1500 goal*.  But we can change this.

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(And enjoy the new comic, Celeste! <3 <3 <3 )

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My Weekly Spock: Hey, Professor!

I’ve come across several pictures of Mr. Nimoy looking very professorial!  Must be the glasses.   I know he taught acting, and I bet he was a wonderful teacher.tumblr_ldifo7vlgG1qes00so1_500 tumblr_lxyuxzLmHB1r9wx7so1_500 tumblr_m83jvfUAp71r9wx7so1_500 tumblr_mqnltxzP0p1qj4li6o1_500 tumblr_n2h6xj4eu61qj4li6o1_500 tumblr_nkju4xkVra1qj4li6o1_1280 tumblr_ngtv4fQDBr1qj4li6o1_500 tumblr_ngtv648Vg01qj4li6o1_500

FArFri: Funny Star Trek IV Scene by Sarah Miele


This delightful characterization by artist Sarah Miele isn’t TOS, but it’s just so wonderful and a lovely tribute to Leonard, I had to post it!     I can hear the Italian Food debate going on now!

As Sarah writes in her description:

Like many around the world, I too have not been able to get around the reality that Leonard Nimoy is gone. I suppose it may be because he had been such an icon for so many generations before me that it seemed he would continue to be there. Forever. It’s sad, and now the absence feels strange.

But like so many have quoted “he’s not really dead… as long as we remember him.”And I truly believe in that, which is why, in a way, I still feel he’s here.

This was the piece I had put off for far too long for his fan club, the OLNFC. And upon hearing that he had been hospitalized urged me to finish it. I had hoped it to be in the March edition for his 84th birthday, but life doesn’t always wait around.

Nothing grand, but just one of a few finished pieces. I have a whole bunch of random sketches from many of his movies and I hope to bring some of those out and post them.

It’s probably symbolic that, when I met Leonard Nimoy a few years ago, I was soooo nervous after he signed my book that the only words I could speak were “Thank you.”

Thank you again, Leonard Nimoy, for making us believe, for giving us hope, and for being an inspiration.

Sarah, I couldn’t have said it better.  Thank you for this beautiful piece — I bet Mr. Nimoy would have loved it.

#65 The Day of the Dove

I admit, growing up this wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but watching it now, it has a delicious darkness about it.  Michael Ansara’s Kang is a sympathetic Klingon, and ever so cool.   I still think the end is kind of goofy, but in reality, wouldn’t it be nice if we could laugh away all our war and destruction?   Here’s to the pursuit of Peace.

65 day of the dove

My Weekly Spock — I Was a Teenage Spock

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, kids!  Busy with work, my son being away for a school trip, Easter, and rescuing a stray cat! It has a new home now  <3 )  But here’s this week’s Nimoy appetizer.   :-)   I came across these sweet pics of little and teenage Lennie! (The first one I Photoshopped a little since it had a huge crack across the right side).

I was a teenage spock reverse  copy1235057_578292875541697_2035469530_n 309229_462530030433848_40104904_n  379251_490526830984969_1287284237_n

My Weekly Spock: Some Seventies Shots

Here a couple of nice ones from the 70’s — always happy to find new ones!
smile smile2