My Weekly Spock: Long-Hair Kolinahr Vulcan

movies_star_trek_series_gallery_211230907_10206683728594068_5783889736814641802_nI always thought that the Vulcan sequence at the beginning of ST:TMP was interesting. I wondered why Spock was so determined to shed his human half, what had made him so repulsed by it?  We may never know, although when Spock comes to understand V’Ger, he begins to appreciate his human half more (who could forget his hand holding with Kirk?

11259506_10206683420066355_6303730230726654710_nOther interesting aspects of Spock’s failed Kolinahr ceremony to me were that gigantic red food, which I presume was a statue of a prominent Vulcan (I’m sure there are more readers here who know about it than I)  And of course, Spock’s long hair!  You rock that  Prince Valiant haircut, Mr. Vulcan!

I always thought his robe here was a bit too quarterback-ish, but it became the standard look for high-position Vulcans to come in all the later series.  I preferred the  original Ambassador Sarek look myself!

By the way, the robe Nimoy wore as Spock in the Kohlinar Ceremony went up for auction the other week, but did not sell — I think the seller forgot that many of us don’t have that kind of money!  ($30,000)

FArF: Star Trek ala Pixar! by Phil Postma

You know, these might just make a pretty funny Pixar movie!  From artist Phil Postma.  These are really quite brilliant (although I think Spock could have been a bit handsomer) — Kirk definitely has a Mr. Incredible vibe, and McCoy looks like Bob Parr’s nasty boss Gilbert Huph.  Uhura  and the Green Orion are definitely in the Mirage mode! The Romulan looks so bored,  I love these — Hey Pixar, THIS is you’re next movie (after Incredibles 2, of course!)  You can find these at Minion Factory. Bravo!


#67 ‘Wink of an Eye’

Here’s my latest!  The Scalosians certainly were pests, weren’t they?  I cheated here and used the Spock image from another episode (who can guess?) but it worked so well here! Note that I also slightly blurred the Scalosians — but not poor Compton!  Enjoy! -Therese

67 Wink of an Eye

My Weekly Spock: TOS Publicity with Grace

I’m a fool for original TOS Publicity Photos!  These are just GOLD!   I just came across these from the site Addicted to Sci-Fi.  The funnything here is, of course, that Rand and Spock rarely had any scenes together (and were hardly this snuggly) on the series!

RIP Leonard and Grace, your smiles are with us always <3

RS Transporter_n

RS reacharoundRS.Got YaRS.Ear Tickle

Leonard Nimoy, “An Alien and a Gentleman” on ‘Selected Shorts’

2010 isaiah sheffer nimoy at symphony space

From 2010, a photo of Isaiah Sheffer, host of ‘Symphony Space’ in NYC with Leonard Nimoy, a frequent reader of stories on the show. Both are in the great library in the sky now, but left a great legacy.

I’ve had a busy few days, accompanying my son to Baltimore for a school trip. and we got home late last night, I’ve been resting much of today, and just turned on the radio,  and to my delight, a familiar voice was booming from the speakers: Leonard was telling stories on “Selected Shorts”, and this was a special show in his memory!

Selected Shorts was (and is) recorded in Symphony Space in New York City – Mr. Nimoy was a regular and much loved as a reader of many short stories. This was a tribute show to Leonard:   Here’s the podcast, Enjoy! :-)

My Two Mad Men Videos: “Excuse Me?” and “Look at You!”

Hey Kids,

As a lot of you know, I’m also a big fan of Mad Men, and this coming Sunday is the FINAL episode EVER! (Waaaah!).  But in honor of this occasion, I finally finished two little Mad Men videos that I’ve been tinkering with for about two years now!   I got the idea for these when, after multiple viewings, I had noticed there were two expressions that were often repeated on Mad Men.  They are:

  1. “Excuse Me?”  Mostly used when one is offended or confused by a comment made to them.  Less used to be noticed or when needing something repeated.
  2. “Look at You!” (and variants) Used to express pleasure, surprise, or frustration with one’s looks or situation.

I’ve loaded these videos to YouTube and am very happy to share with you here! It’s also a thank you to Matt and all the incredibly talented staff, writers, crew, and actors of Mad Men.  What a ride it’s been! I’ll miss it!

Yeoman Pride!

Something for the underdogs of Starfleet — The Yeomans!*   In memory of Grace Lee Whitney <3

yeoman pride

(*And before the nit-pickers complain, I know that Miss Piper from The Menagerie was never addressed as Yeoman, and that Wong from Court Martial is actually an Ensign, but they both look great here, have very similar jobs and deserve credit where credit is due! – !)