#51 By Any Other Name

Let’s see, is it a Star Trek poster or a Kotex Ad?!  I admit, as I watched Kelinda ‘bloom’ the whole time I was creating this, all I could think of the the old Kotex box (of feminine products) that we used to get as teenagers.  Must be all the roses!

51 By Any Other Name

My Weekly Spock: On the Trek set with Joan Wilson

Hey All,

For this week I found a great group of personal photos from Joan Winston, who was the author of The Making of Star Trek Conventions, and the co-author of Star Trek Lives!. Joan was a legendary superfan and Trek fandom was a lot happier because of her!  Enjoy these candids of Joan with Leonard, De, Bill, and Jimmy on the Star Trek set during the filming of Turnabout Intruder! (Funny how flat the sets look without the right lighting!)

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FArFri: “Mr. Spock ‘ by Wally Hindle

What a great caricature piece by artist Wally Hindle of WNMHGB-era Spock! Wow.


#50 A Piece of the Action

Perhaps one of the most beloved episodes of the original series. Of course ‘Koik’ is the Joker here, and ‘Spocko’ is just the King of Cool… (oh those suits!) My 50th poster already!!

50 - A Piece of the Action

“Leonard Nimoy’s Torso” on Facebook

Hey Kids,

I started a silly page on Facebook yesterday.  It’s ‘Leonard Nimoy’s Torso’ celebrating the joy of Nimoy’s fine young physique ;-)  (And a place to dump all those Patterns of Force pictures!)   It is a public group, but will only be public for a week (until September 16th).  If you’d like to join, open the link here:


most illogical

#49 The Immunity Syndrome

As Star Trek carried on into it’s 2nd season, it began airing more stories set on board to save on it’s paltry limited budget.  Immunity Syndrome was definitely one of the better ones.  For this poster I preserved the ‘amoeba’ used in the original broadcasts.  The new CGI one is okay, but this one seemed more sinister.

49 The Immunity Syndrome

Happy 48th Anniversary to Our Favorite little Space Opera!

Inspired by today’s Anniversary, I made this little poster; 48 images for 48 years!  Happy Birthday Star Trek! With Love to  Bill, Leonard, George, Nichelle, Walter and Grace!!  Congratulations on being part one of the best and happiest parts of American culture!  May you truly LIVE LONG & PROSPER! trek 48 Love, Therese