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Silly Trek Tidbits

So… I got a couple of fun things for today.

First, I was watching the news recently and one of my favorite commentators was on. It’s Professor Jason Johnson, who is an associate professor of communication and journalism at Morgan State University as well as a regular political contributor to MSNBC and CNN.

Now in the past, I’ve noticed his Green Lantern Figure on his shelves, but he occasionally switches out his background art, and I was happy to see that on this day, he had the famous cover of Ebony from January of 1967 with Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura! That was a nice surprise! Live Long and Prosper Professor Johnson!

And just yesterday on one of my favorite fashion websites, TomandLorenzo.com, the guys featured these bizarre fashion “Four-Toed- Boots” by AVAVAV. It was categorized under their Yay or Nay section, and I’d have to say Nay! I think the only advantage of these is if someone steps on your toes, you won’t feel it! (But Great for cosplay, I’m sure)

Uh Huh…

Now WHY anyone would wear these is beyond me, but hey, I know someone who’d really be into it…

Need I say more?? Hoping you’re warm and cozy wherever you are! ❤ -Therese

FArFri: Trek Like an Egyptian…Pop Culture Hieroglyphic by Josh Lane

Just came across a bunch of these pieces featuring pop culture characters as Egyptian hieroglyphics!  Kirk is naturally the pharaoh and Spock is can truly walk like an Egyptian!  This is clever in so many ways; I especially love the Gorn in the corner!   You can see more of these wonders here.


FArFri: The Gorn Captain by nightwing1975

Here’s a really nice rendering of The Gorn by artist nightwing 1975. Some day I’m going to draw my own renderings of Trek aliens!