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FArF: “Trinity. Trust Us. We’re Professionals” by Shazam26

For this week’s Fan Art, this is one crazy blend of 15 TOS episodes!  It’s ‘Trinity-Trust Us, We’re Professionals” by artist Shazam26. Can you name all 15 episodes? (Although I don’t recall Kirk ever having a six-pack!)


The Daily Scrapbook – 1994 EW Trek Special Obsessive Compulsive Collectors Edition

In December 1994, Entertainment Weekly Magazine created a “Special Obsessive Compulsive Collectors Edition” dedicated an whole issue to the  glory of all things Star Trek to that point.  (Generations had just been released) Here’s a few of the TOS highlights, including a fun ranking of the first 79.  I don’t quite agree with the ranking (Journey To Babel is not in the top ten!) (more tomorrow)

(p.s.  Happy belated 47th Birthday Star Trek! – as of September 8, 2013)

EW-01 EW-02 EW-03