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More Cartooning TOS (Guest Star Gallery)

I couldn’t resist doing another batch of these. Funny how the Voila! app makes all the women on the show look even more doll-faced; Stella too! Of course the lighting and common soft focus on TOS added to it! By the way, for those wondering, a reader asked why I made all the characters look like children in my last post. Well, that’s all part of the app algorithm! Also, the original app gives you three versions of the original, and in the last post I cropped them all down to the ones I though looked best – mostly in ‘royal’ mode, whatever that is! For this post, I’m posting all the versions per character, (I love how Khan, looks like a perfect Mort Drucker caricature. You’ll see that not all of them quite work! Sometimes in profile, a nose gets nipped! And with with aliens; Balok’s puppet looks like something out of Salvador Dali! However, since so many of them look pretty cool, (We have some gorgeous Diana Muldaur here in both of her Trek roles) that’s a testament to the beautiful photography of TOS! Enjoy, and hope you’re doing well on these blessed summer days. -Therese ❤

FArF: “Trinity. Trust Us. We’re Professionals” by Shazam26

For this week’s Fan Art, this is one crazy blend of 15 TOS episodes!  It’s ‘Trinity-Trust Us, We’re Professionals” by artist Shazam26. Can you name all 15 episodes? (Although I don’t recall Kirk ever having a six-pack!)


The Daily Scrapbook – 1994 EW Trek Special Obsessive Compulsive Collectors Edition

In December 1994, Entertainment Weekly Magazine created a “Special Obsessive Compulsive Collectors Edition” dedicated an whole issue to the  glory of all things Star Trek to that point.  (Generations had just been released) Here’s a few of the TOS highlights, including a fun ranking of the first 79.  I don’t quite agree with the ranking (Journey To Babel is not in the top ten!) (more tomorrow)

(p.s.  Happy belated 47th Birthday Star Trek! – as of September 8, 2013)

EW-01 EW-02 EW-03