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My Weekly Spock: Leonard, The Acting Coach

Remember a while back when I posted those great pics of Leonard in a tennis sweater? Well, a reader kindly provided me with the full article (and pictures) that came with it!  It was from TV Star Parade from November 1968,  and it’s a great article about Leonard’s work as an acting coach!   I didn’t realize he had helped such actors as Richard Chamberlain, Michelle Lee, and Pat Boone!  Renaissance man strikes again! (Although at the time he probably needed the money) Surprisingly, there’s a reference to his future wife Susan Bay here too! The best part is that there’s still a lot of great advice here for aspiring thespians! (like me!) Acting! tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o1_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o2_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o3_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o4_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o5_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o6_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o7_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o8_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o9_1280tumblr_o2c74wFX5i1qj4li6o2_1280 copy





My Weekly Spock – Mr. and Mrs.

I came across these lovely pictures of Leonard and Susan (Bay) Nimoy at the premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness last May.  Married over 2 decades and obviously still crazy about each other;Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Premieres+Hollywood+gj_J3FBzBlDl Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Darkness+Premieres+cqEcFKghvlbl Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Premieres+Hollywood+B4l8LoM0fTol Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Premieres+Hollywood+8pPaMxsNT1Cl Leonard+Nimoy+Star+Trek+Premieres+Hollywood+7k50T3_knkBl you can see the love. Sweet.