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More Rare Trek Stills from the Set

Here’s a few more of those rare Trek stills from dealer exliv on eBay I found. he’s offering the original negatives along with prints!  These are from Catspaw and Spock’s Brain

Sylvia toys with The Enterprise

Man, that wig was awful!



Sylvia and Kirk; The wig might be awful, but I loved that caftan!

Luma From Spock’s Brain “I am Luma, I am Eymorg, I am in the worst Star Trek episode ever!”

Kirk Checks out the hardware

My Weekly Spock: This Rare Color Picture Got Me Amok!

Hi Everyone!   Occasionally I’ve seen candid, on-set photos from TOS – but this week I came across one that totally blew me away! I have NEVER seen before!   Enjoy this very rare COLOR photo of Arlene Martel and Leonard Nimoy on the set of “Amok Time”!!!  Leonard is totally in character as he contemplates the script.  Arlene casually peruses her script while keeping her costume clean wrapped in a blue robe!  I love this!  I hope more are unearthed! 13754238_10154396290742431_740500958687866314_n

My Weekly Spock: Shuttlecraft Designer!

Hi All,

Sorry I’m late this week, but work is getting busier, and on Monday I had the pleasure of seeing Bernie Sanders at a rally in my home town!

For this week, I found this wonderful rare promo shot of Leonard posing with the (mighty handsome) designer of the Galileo shuttlecraft designer, Gene Winfield!


My Weekly Spock: Preview of Rare Slides

Hey All,

I recently acquired a bunch of rare slides from a dealer on eBay which came from the Celebrity Photo Agency in CA.  Naturally I bought three pages of rarely seen Nimoy images to share here!

Pardon the quality of the image — this is just a quick scan of one of the slides, and when I get these converted to prints, it will look much sharper and brighter.   This was taken of Leonard at a book signing at Brentanos on October 30th of 1995.   More to come in time!  Enjoy!

Untitled-3 copy

Wideo Wednesday: A Very Rare Interview with Leonard in 1967, KGW-TV.

IMG_3220 copy

Still from Nimoy’s 1967 interview with KGW-TV

Prepare for a treat:  This is an extremely rare and long-thought lost interview with Leonard Nimoy in 1967 for Portland,Oregon station KGW-TV news.  Leonard talks about being Mr. Spock, and the interviewer must be entranced because she asks him questions as if the Enterprise and Spock are real!   (She likes his hair too!)

Kudos to reader John Webb for alerting me to this!