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  1. 😁 I wish the Gorn had been explored further in TOS, but I guess the special effects would have been too difficult. A Gorn, or perhaps a member of a similar species, did appear as a background character in an episode of TAS.

    In the alternate universe of the Star Fleet Battles game series, which used Franz Joseph’s Star Fleet Technical Manual as source material, the Gorns and the UFP buried their hatchet to ally against their common foe, the Romulans Rihannsu.

    On a map in the Tech Manual, the Gorns were located near the Romulan Empire, so it seemed reasonable to assume they would fight, at least sometimes. Indeed, maybe the Gorn sensors weren’t sophisticated enough to tell Terrans from Romulans, at least from orbit, and the Gorn captain who attacked Cestus 3 thought it was a Romulan outpost?

    • Hi Kid, That’s truly fascinating. I don’t know if you’ve seen ‘Strange New Worlds’ yet, but we saw Gorn ships in a recent episode, but wisely we never saw the Gorn.I”m really enjoying SNW an will write a review soon! Thanks for your input!

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