“Leonard Nimoy’s Torso” on Facebook

Hey Kids,

I started a silly page on Facebook yesterday.  It’s ‘Leonard Nimoy’s Torso’ celebrating the joy of Nimoy’s fine young physique 😉  (And a place to dump all those Patterns of Force pictures!)   It is a public group, but will only be public for a week (until September 16th).  If you’d like to join, open the link here:


most illogical

3 thoughts on ““Leonard Nimoy’s Torso” on Facebook

  1. Hi Cory, I started on Facebook a few years ago because a friend invited me. Now I have a bit over 100 friends, 95% of whom I know personally, the rest from here! It’s all how one manages it. I’m not the sort to post every 5 minutes. No obligations! (I posted stuff there that’s been here already)

  2. Cory, I understand what you’re saying, as I was dead against for years, but I’ve made real life friends, internet friends like Therese here, and had fun. You don’t have to post what you had for breakfast, and you certainly don’t need to put in any personal details

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