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Happy 87th, Bill Shatner!

Oh Captain our Captain! Bless you on your Birthday, Bill, and many many more! ❤

Me and the good Captain at Star Trek Mission: NY in 2016. I was dressed as Dr. Miranda Jones and Bill held my faux red rose with me! He was probably wondering “What the Hell?’

My Weekly Spock -Tuxedo Junction

Last night was the Emmys – it seemed a good time to bring out Leonard in a tux! (here at the Oscars in 1983).  It’s fun to see how the two styles here reflect Leonard and Bill’s personalities.  Bill is flamboyant in a loud ruffly shirt while Leonard is reserved in classic pin-tucks. But their joy in each other is obvious here; they always made each other laugh.

It’s a crying shame Leonard never won an Emmy for Spock; I’m guessing bigger wallets prevailed.  Sadly at these award shows, it’s rarely about talent and more about $.  But Leonard will always be the Best Actor in our hearts!


Wideo Wednesday –“Eat, Fry, Love,” a turkey fryer fire cautionary tale (with Bill Shatner)

Bill does a great public service announcement about Deep Fried Turkey.  Please take heed of this video (and the actual fire safety video) before you attempt to deep fry a turkey for the holidays! It’s astonishingly frightening how fast it can all go up in flames if done wrong).  Listen to the Captain, he knows his stuff!