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Handsome Jim Kirk (Big Gallery)

For All you Kirkites or Jimbos out there (or whatever Kirk fans call themselves). Some images of Jim looking charming, adorable, hot, or just mighty dandy. Nice to see a friendly face to release those happy endorphins! ūüôā (Love those olive green eyes!) Bless you Bill! Stay Well Everyone ‚̧ love Therese

Guess Who Was in My Home State Last Month?

I was really busy last month so I didn’t find out about this until the day after it passed, but dang! William Shatner was in New York State!

There’s this wonderful tourist attraction in¬†Ticonderoga NY which re-creates all of the original Enterprise sets in a vacated Dollar Store property!¬† In May,a special “Weekend with the Captain” was held and William Shatner was the guest of honor!

I’m sorry I missed it, but my friend and member here Bobbie, did make it and got her picture with Bill. (Here’s Bobbie and Bill!)

Bobbie and Bill May 2018

Here’s my friend Bobbie with Bill Shatner on the bridge! Isn’t it amazing?

As you will read here, Bill really enjoyed visiting the remarkable set built with original blueprints by local, devoted Trekkie (and professional Elvis impersonator) James Cawley.¬† It was like going back in time and every detail is filled with precision and love.¬† No doubt an emotional experience for Bill, and I gotta hand it to the Shat-man: Bill is 87 and still enjoys seeing his fans and doing Trek events.¬† I hope I have his energy when I’m his age!¬† He is truly Living Long and Prospering!

Also, if you’re interested in visiting the Trek set replica or going to the annual ‘Trekonderoga’ convention, see info here.

Happy 87th, Bill Shatner!

Oh Captain our Captain! Bless you on your Birthday, Bill, and many many more! ‚̧

Me and the good Captain at Star Trek Mission: NY in 2016. I was dressed as Dr. Miranda Jones and Bill held my faux red rose with me! He was probably wondering “What the Hell?’

My Weekly Spock -Tuxedo Junction

Last night was the Emmys – it seemed a good time to bring out Leonard in a tux! (here at the Oscars in 1983).¬† It’s fun to see how the two styles here reflect Leonard and Bill’s personalities.¬† Bill is flamboyant in a loud ruffly shirt while Leonard is reserved in classic pin-tucks. But their joy in each other is obvious here; they always made each other laugh.

It’s a crying shame Leonard never won an Emmy for Spock; I’m guessing bigger wallets prevailed.¬† Sadly at these award shows, it’s rarely about talent and more about $.¬† But Leonard will always be the Best Actor in our hearts!


Wideo Wednesday –“Eat, Fry, Love,” a turkey fryer fire cautionary tale (with Bill Shatner)

Bill does a great public service announcement about Deep Fried Turkey.¬† Please take heed of this video (and the actual fire safety video) before you attempt to deep fry a turkey for the holidays! It’s astonishingly frightening how fast it can all go up in flames if done wrong).¬† Listen to the Captain, he knows his stuff!