Update: Better Version of “I Met Leonard Nimoy” Facebook Page: Post Your Pics of Leonard!

Hi Everybody —

I’ve created a new version of the I Met Leonard Nimoy Facebook page  that I mentioned here the other day.  I have recreated it as a GROUP — which makes it a lot easier for anyone who’d like to share their stories and pictures of  when they met Leonard!  The page is now called I Met Leonard Nimoy Remembrance Group and you can link to it and join here:


I am administering this group, and I hope that we’ll get pictures of fans encounters with Leonard from all over the world!  Thanks to John (known here as The Sound of One Man Laughing) for reminding me that it’s easier to have a Group format for this kind of thing!   Hope to see you there! -Therese 😀

“Leonard Nimoy’s Torso” on Facebook

Hey Kids,

I started a silly page on Facebook yesterday.  It’s ‘Leonard Nimoy’s Torso’ celebrating the joy of Nimoy’s fine young physique 😉  (And a place to dump all those Patterns of Force pictures!)   It is a public group, but will only be public for a week (until September 16th).  If you’d like to join, open the link here:


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