My Weekly Spock — I Was a Teenage Spock

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, kids!  Busy with work, my son being away for a school trip, Easter, and rescuing a stray cat! It has a new home now  <3 )  But here’s this week’s Nimoy appetizer.   🙂   I came across these sweet pics of little and teenage Lennie! (The first one I Photoshopped a little since it had a huge crack across the right side).

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My Weekly Spock — Leonard Remembers the Boston of his Youth

Hey Kids,

Thinking of Boston today as they run their triumphant Boston Marathon and slowly heal the wounds of last year’s attack.  Boston has been through many changes, but it will always be Boston Strong.  Here’s a portion of a wonderful  interview where Leonard remembers the long lost West End Boston of his youth:

(Sorry I’m late today, getting over a bad head cold.  Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!)


Can you spot Leonard here with his High School buddies?