My Weekly Spock — I Was a Teenage Spock

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, kids!  Busy with work, my son being away for a school trip, Easter, and rescuing a stray cat! It has a new home now  <3 )  But here’s this week’s Nimoy appetizer.   🙂   I came across these sweet pics of little and teenage Lennie! (The first one I Photoshopped a little since it had a huge crack across the right side).

I was a teenage spock reverse  copy1235057_578292875541697_2035469530_n 309229_462530030433848_40104904_n  379251_490526830984969_1287284237_n

4 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock — I Was a Teenage Spock

  1. He definitely went through an awkward phase– as we all do! I love the final picture of him here, where you can really see the beginnings of his mature face. 🙂

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