My Weekly Spock: Leonard Meets Himself.

I’ve been seeing a trend lately on social media with Photoshopped pictures of celebrities side-hugging their younger versions of themselves, so naturally I had to make one with Leonard!

I’ll be doing the whole cast within the next few weeks; stay tuned!

As I write this, I just realized that it was 41 years ago on this day when I first met Leonard in Elmira!   Today is also my sister’s birthday; Happy Birthday, Sis! <3

(And thanks for your patience, I’ve been busy with my subbing job at the local Elementary School!)

7 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Leonard Meets Himself.

  1. I totally loved reading your post about your first meeting with Leonard Nimoy. My one true regret is that I was never brave enough to go to one of the conventions he came to here in Toronto or even to write a fan letter. I would look at the pictures in the newspaper after he appeared and wonder why I did not go. I suppose I was scared about giving those I knew another reason to laugh at me. But here I am 40+ years later full of regrets. Two years ago, I finally went to a general ComicCon Convention in Toronto and met William Shatner (Leonard’s death jolting me into action) and paid for an autograph, but no disrespect to Bill, he could never substitute for an opportunity to meet Leonard. I am sure had I gotten the opportunity to meet Leonard, I never would have been able to articulate how his portrayal of Spock has inspired me. I would have been just as tongue tied as your 16 year old self. Anyway I am so glad you shared it. I can tell how much you treasure the memory.

  2. Ah Laura, release your regrets! The fact that he made you and so many people happy is wonderful solace. I’m sure a LOT of Nimoy fans never got to meet him, but just the fact that we existed in the same time period is a joy forever! I’m sure he’s watching over you now <3 Thank you for your lovely post!
    Here’s a link to the last time I met Leonard; kind of a bookend to my first meeting!

  3. Hmm…Old Leonard meets Young Leonard…

    Didn’t that happen in the first reboot movie (which I have not seen, and from what I’ve read, I have missed nothing)? 😛

  4. Oops, I forgot and used “IBW” instead of “KC” on that last one.

    Never post under the influence of Saurian brandy. 🙄

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