My Weekly Spock: Skyping with Leonard.

Sadly, but understandably,  Mr. Nimoy doesn’t do conventions in person anymore, but isn’t it nice to know that the Trek technology has caught up with reality and now he Skypes!   Who wouldn’t want to Skype with Grandpa Leonard? Here’s some candids of him at recent events, including a shot of him enjoying his doppelganger (and trekkerscrapbook follower) Paul Spock Vegas Forest! (Hey Paul, want to do an interview? 🙂 )

dst3nimoy-03 dst3nimoy-head Nimoy 2 1412666370-the-stars-come-out-at-the-destination-star-trek-convention_5954378

Just like the old days, eh? 😀


2 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Skyping with Leonard.

  1. Yes that was a great moment for me. Actually not the first time we saw each other, but the first and only time we talked to each other. For your interview offer, it’s a YES!

  2. Hey Paul! Good to hear form you, I was hoping you’d respond to this! I’m sure that was a wonderful moment! I’ll message you on FB, and we can set up a talk!

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