My Weekly Spock –Play it again, Spock

I always loved when we’d see a glimpse of Spock with his lyre.  It would be nice to see him with it in the next movie.  (But wait, that would mean a moment of quiet meditation and you can’t have that in a blockbuster action picture!)  Anyway, here’s Spock at his best musical self…


Sweetest scene ever!


A scene sadly cut from the original series. From Elaan of Troyus.


Quiet meditation


Keeping it handy in his quarters


This always made me cringe…


The Platonians were sadists, but it was nice of them to think of Spock’s musical side…

9 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock –Play it again, Spock

      • Thank you for adding the link😁!!! I knew that scene was deleted but it’s nice to be able to read the lines. I was picturing Bones and Spock going at it and of course they had me laughing!!!!

      • I love some Spock/Uhura time, but that exchange is more first-season. I imagine their relationship already existing, and this is more appropriate to one that’s beginning. And “Hey Spock that tune makes me hot” doesn’t fit these characters.

      • Thanks for the link. What a shame that they cut that! Of course, parts of the script are weird, since they’ve seen Spock play the Vulcan lute before, and they’re acting like this is the first time. But then, it was Season 3…

        And Spock, do tell us, in a lot more detail, about “stimulating the fury of the mating time.” You have a lot of people here who want to hear ALL about that! 😀

  1. I’m one of the zillions of fangirls who love Spock with his Vulcan lute. Not only does it show off Spock’s sensitive side, it also shows off his gorgeous hands.

  2. Indeed. The hands, the hands! Plus the music, revealing the sensitive soul beneath the granite exterior. Lordy, we’re all so predictable! Keep it coming:-)

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