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FArF: “Sorry Guy’s, Time to Run!” by Worgue.

How the week flies by!  Here’s today’s Fan Art — the very clever Sorry Guy’s, Time to Run! by artist Worgue.  I like that he included Yeoman Rand along wit Chekov, even though they didn’t work together on TOS.   And of course, Spock is Kirk’s first priority!  At the time Worgue had created this, he hadn’t seen much of the original series yet; here’s hoping he’ll make more! 🙂sorry_guys__time_to_run____by_worgue-d6mewo1

FArf: Two Beautiful Tribute Paintings by Pierre-Luc Faubert and Andrew Hunt

I just came across these on Deviant Art –The first; a perfect blooper study by  Pierre-Luc Faubert  Mr. Spock-Farewell Leonard Nimoy  and the second, Goodbye, Spock by Andrew Hunt, which has the mature Nimoy in the original uniform.  These are both so beautiful, I’m sure Mr. Nimoy would have loved them.  Excellent work by these two incredibly talented artists!

58_365__mr_spock__farewell_leonard_nimoy_by_king_oberon-d8js0mm good_bye__spock__by_weaponmasscreation-d8jwdxn

FArF: “Trinity. Trust Us. We’re Professionals” by Shazam26

For this week’s Fan Art, this is one crazy blend of 15 TOS episodes!  It’s ‘Trinity-Trust Us, We’re Professionals” by artist Shazam26. Can you name all 15 episodes? (Although I don’t recall Kirk ever having a six-pack!)


FArFri – Enterprise Crew in Letters & Quotes by Mel Viera

This week’s fan art is a clever rendering the Enterprise crew in simple lines and alphabet letters! (Note how the characters are made up from letters in their names) The works are by artist Mel Viera a.k.a. Cego Cohler on Deviant  Art.  I love the quotes!  (And even though Kirk’s line is from one of the movies, it’s one of my favorites  🙂



FArFri — “Best of Enterprise” by Stumpaa

Here’s a great piece by Stumpaa on DeviantArt –A little something to remind Kirk that there is no “I” in Team!   Almost mystic, yes?  I love how Uhura is playing peek-a boo.


FArFri – MC Escher-Inspired Spock by Rabbittooth

Hey Kids,

This week’s fan art is is a splendid  work by the artist Rabbittooth on DeviantArt.    Isn’t this fab? It was inspired by MC Escher’s Hand with Reflecting Sphere with the Spock image borrowed from Day of the Dove.  I love this.


FArFri — “Check Up Time” by Nunar

Here’s today’s Fan Art — ‘Check Up Time by artist Nunar on Deviant Art — Just when you think Spock couldn’t get any sexier…   The artist took this innocuous scene

…and emphasized what drove us all crazy about it — Spock in a black tee shirt!

Lord have mercy!

FArFri 10/12/12 “OT3” by Amy Mebberson

A great triptych by artist Amy Mebberson (mimi-na) from Deviant Art