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FArFri – “Spocktopus” by Stumpaa

Stumpaa strikes againThis artist often morphs Trek characters with earthly creatures, and this time, Spock takes a go under the sea! Before I even saw the title, I said “That ‘s a Spocktopus!”  Pretty clever, if unusual! (although he needs some chest hair!)


FArFri: ‘Fierce and Loyal’ by Stumpaa

For this week’s Fan Art, here’s an astonishing portrait of Spock by artist Stumpaa.  He is truly fierce and loyal. No doubt inspired by Patterns of Force.


FArFri — “Best of Enterprise” by Stumpaa

Here’s a great piece by Stumpaa on DeviantArt –A little something to remind Kirk that there is no “I” in Team!   Almost mystic, yes?  I love how Uhura is playing peek-a boo.