The Daily Scrapbook – The last of Media Spotlight, and a super 70’s George!

Hey kids, here’s today’s flashback:  The last few pages of Media Spotlight and a great photo of swinging George Takei in his best 70’s gear!  Good ‘ol George was a regular fixture at the Conventions, always ready with a smile and a pen ready for autographs! George was described in David Gerrold’s World of Star Trek as one of the ‘smilingest’ human beings you were ever likely to meet, and he delivers his million dollar smile here! I love George!  Sadly, this is the last of my Media Spotlight Magazine, and I don’t have any more copies, but if I should come across any in my travels, you’ll see the here!

media spotlight 1977-027 media spotlight 1977-026 media spotlight  1977-02

The Daily Scrapbook 11/12/12

Hello Scrappers!  Here’s today’s flashback: From August 26, 1977, Gene Roddenberry did a nationwide tour and I was lucky enough to see him when he came to Rochester, NY (where my sister lived).  It was thrilling to see “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” himself, and we got to watch the original pilot (in black and white, before the color negative was discovered) of The Cage.  I believe we also got to see some of the classic Star Trek bloopers, which I had seen once before at the Bicentennial 10 convention and were delightfully silly!

The Daily Scrapbook 10/11/12

(Sorry I’m late with this today, been busy with lots of housework!)

Here’s today’s flashback — Back in ’73, we had a new paperback by author David Gerrold, called The World of Star Trek; a thick volume with lots of anecdotes, insider notes, and best of all,  over 75 pictures! When it got too quiet around the house, I’d hear my mom or sister yell “Are you reading that book again?!”  I was obsessed, especially looking at the pictures of the Trek stars as their characters next to ‘current’ photos of them.  Seeing the real-life pictures was pretty wild (George Takei with a pageboy haircut!), but I preferred looking at the old Trek headshots, and my sister decided to practice her sketching one autumn afternoon, and she drew her versions of the Kirk and Spock pictures. I loved these.  Here they are, and I’ve cleaned them up a little since the originals had some grease stains and smudges.  She made these in November of 1973, and I must have pestered her to make McCoy too because she drew his in January! Not bad for a first attempt.  Thanks Sis! Bet you didn’t know I still had these!