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FArFri: Women of Star Trek by Jason Potratz

Sorry I’m a little late this week — for this week’s Fan Art, here’s three lovely representations of  Nurse Chapel, Lt. Uhura, and Yeoman Rand by artist Jason Potratz.  Nice to see Yeoman Rand, who isn’t often seen in Fan Art, and I also like Uhura’s expression; as if she’s really about to give someone what for!

woman_of_star_trek___n__chapel_by_melanarus-d2y5scx woman_of_star_trek___uhura_by_melanarus-d2y5tnp woman_of_star_trek_janice_rand_by_melanarus-d2y5t7l

The Daily Scrapbook 10/11/12

(Sorry I’m late with this today, been busy with lots of housework!)

Here’s today’s flashback — Back in ’73, we had a new paperback by author David Gerrold, called The World of Star Trek; a thick volume with lots of anecdotes, insider notes, and best of all,  over 75 pictures! When it got too quiet around the house, I’d hear my mom or sister yell “Are you reading that book again?!”  I was obsessed, especially looking at the pictures of the Trek stars as their characters next to ‘current’ photos of them.  Seeing the real-life pictures was pretty wild (George Takei with a pageboy haircut!), but I preferred looking at the old Trek headshots, and my sister decided to practice her sketching one autumn afternoon, and she drew her versions of the Kirk and Spock pictures. I loved these.  Here they are, and I’ve cleaned them up a little since the originals had some grease stains and smudges.  She made these in November of 1973, and I must have pestered her to make McCoy too because she drew his in January! Not bad for a first attempt.  Thanks Sis! Bet you didn’t know I still had these!