Wideo Wednesday – ‘A Tribute to Spock’ by Anthony Lara

This is a marvelous video of a ‘speed painting’ by artist Anthony Lara.   Not only is it a splendid portrait of Leonard Nimoy as Spock, but a great tutorial on how to paint with Photoshop!* Just a beautiful job, with photo realness, and shadowing. (and those eyes!)  Wonderful talent,  and the music makes it all the more touching.  Congratulations Anthony, I’m sure Mr. Nimoy would have loved this.  🙂

* I have Photoshop but have never attempted anything this detailed — thanks for the inspiration!

Wideo Wednesday –Spockboy’s Latest: Sepia Trek

TOS Trek fan Spockboy has made many funny and marvelously intricate TOS video in the past and here’s his latest Sepia Trek (Episode 1)  He and his crew do a fantastic job here and re-imagines the plot of   The Search for Spock as both in the original series and as a silent movie.  It’s brilliant, as usual, and also a touching tribute for Leonard Nimoy <3  Note the tiny details, like how the Constellation ‘Crew’ had their  insignias  all  modified to match Commodore Decker’s. and fans of the first Science Fiction movie ever made,  Melies Trip to the Moon (1902)will appreciate a particular reference… The blending of old and new footage is seamless, and just wonderful.

The whole idea of remaking Trek episodes as sepia silents opens a a universe of funny possibilities — Thanks to Spockboy (Paul) for letting me know about this, and lets hope this is the first of many ‘silent’ episodes!

Wideo Wednesday – Spock & McCoy Banter and Friendship Part I

The group geso101’s channel on YouTube put together this wonderful compilation of Spock/McCoy moments! Not only does it show what was really a ‘bromance’ between these two opposites, it also reminds one of the excellent writing in the series!  Love these two.  Looking forward to ‘Part II’, and I’ll post it here when it arrives.

By the way, I’m working on a Trek compilation of my own!  Hope to have it up next week, stay tuned.  🙂