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My Weekly Spock (A Day Early) -Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to our favorite actor, and his son, and all the rest of the Dad’s reading this!

Leonard and Adam in Boston

Leonard and Adam Nimoy enjoy some Chock Full of Nuts in Boston. (2014)


Adam and his son Jonah 🙂

My Weekly Spock–Coffee Break

It’s Monday. I need some coffee! (Preferably with Leonard!)


FArFri — 6/28/13 If Star Trek were Coffee…

Beam me up biscottiGeorge Takei posted this on his FB page and it was just too cute! Note the ‘bleeding’ red cup and that “Spock: has a pointed handle! (Originally from Awkward Yeti

Toon Tuesday 5/21/13 The Secret of Vulcan Longevity…

I’ll take coffee with Spock anytime (and I hate coffee!)

Live Long and Coffee