A Quick Guideline About Reader Comments

comment guidelinesHi Everybody,

Believe it or not, Trekkerscrapbook has been around for Three Years now! (yay!)  And as a service to new and old members, please observe these  gentle guidelines about making comments here.  And remember to  have fun, Thanks, Therese, (Benevolent Vulcan High Priestess)


  1. Comments must be limited to 300 words or less.  Besides, if a reader will see a very long comment, they are very likely to ignore it.
  2. NO SPOILERS.  Since everyone here has probably seen every episode of the original Star Trek you may discuss all aspects of TOS openly However, not everyone has seen the newer incarnations (fan versions) of Trek, including Star Trek Continues and Star Trek Phase II and any new Star Trek movies too. Speculation beforehand is fine, but any spoiler written before I have submitted a review will not be approved.
  3. This is a family site, so please be civil and polite.  Comments with profanity, rudeness, and vitriol will not be approved.
  4. If you disagree with a post or comment, feel free to argue, but please keep your points simple and concise as needed (no need for in-depth analysis).
  5. No Spam or advertising.  (but you can recommend other  fun Trek sites you’ve seen).
  6. No phone #’s, e-mails, or other personal social network information about yourself or anyone you know or especially anyone related to Star Trek.  I treasure your privacy as I do my own.

And please just enjoy  my posts and each others company.   Remember, this is a happy Trek haven.  We’re here to have fun.  Thank you.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Guideline About Reader Comments

  1. *blink* I’ve never seen anyone post anything nasty here; I’m sorry to hear that that’s because you’ve been protecting us and not because people have been behaving well. Please don’t let a few bad apples get you down; most of us are just happy to be here and to love Star Trek with you!

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