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Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Friends,

Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads out there, here and above ❤ ❤  Here’s Leonard and Bill as Sons and Fathers!

Take your daughters to work day: Bill with daughter Melanie in ‘Miri’ (Awww!)

Young Leonard with Max and Dora

Little Billy with Dad Joseph, Mom Anna, and one of his sisters

Bill with three daughters and 2nd wife Marcy at NASA

Daddy Bill with 1st wife Gloria and baby Leslie

Bill with his two daughters

Leonard with Sandy, Julie,Adam, and pets

Leonard with Max and Dora in during the Trek years.

Adam and Leonard in ’69


My Weekly Spock (A Day Early) -Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to our favorite actor, and his son, and all the rest of the Dad’s reading this!

Leonard and Adam in Boston

Leonard and Adam Nimoy enjoy some Chock Full of Nuts in Boston. (2014)


Adam and his son Jonah 🙂