My Weekly Spock 4/1/13 — On Set Silliness

While documenting pictures of Bill and Leonard last week, I came across this great shot from their episode of T.J. Hooker, and it reminded me of other funny shots taken on the Star Trek set and such.  I  love this picture, you can practically hear them laughing!  Enjoy!  And if you want to see more backstage Trek eye candy, better pull up a chair and a latte for this great photostream by birdofthegalaxy on flickr — Warning: Addictive!  May pull you away from real life for a few hours! (no foolin’!)

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The Daily Scrapbook:2/28/13 — May1978– See You in the Funny Papers –A Trek Newspaper Comic!

Here’s Today’s Flashback: From May of 1978, an article about the upcoming  Star Trek daily newspaper comic by Mandala productions, the same company that had produced (in an era before widespread videos)  the 12 “Fotonovels” of the original Star Trek series.   I actually owned all 12 Fotonovels (the most dog-eared being the ‘All Our Yesterdays’ volume) but sold them a few years ago on eBay.   Anyway, I can’t recall if our local paper got the original series Star Trek Comic, but we did get one based on the 1st movie.
Also keeping in the ‘funny’ range, another “Grin and Bear It” Sunday comic dealing with female astronauts, and a clipping from who knows where detailing some scenes from the famous Star Trek Blooper reels.  (I always liked to keep my scrapbook pages along theme lines).