(New Feature) Sunday Afternoon Movie Gallery (01): Black Narcissus (1947)

Hey Kids!

As some of you may know, I also blog for the Basket of Kisses site, which is a wonderful Mad Men and other fine media site.   I started a column back in 2012 called ‘Retro Reel Review’ which reviews great movies from the golden age of Cinema (1920’s-1970’s)

As an additional benefit to anyone reading my movie posts, I’ll be showcasing images from the movies I review on Basket of Kisses right here on Sundays.   Being a very visual person, I love studying stills from old movies and I appreciate all the art then went into movie making in the analog age.  Eventually I may just show stills (I haven’t had time to review a movie in a while) but as a costume and technicolor fanatic the old movie visuals are something I love to share! I can’t guarantee I’ll not give away the whole movie in the stills, but I’ll do the best not to spoil the endings.  The first movie you’ll see here is Black Narcissus from 1947.  As you can see, the cinematography from Jack Cardiff was magnificent!  It’s a fine thriller of a movie, I highly recommend it. You can read my review here:

Enjoy!   – Therese

FArFri – “Ensign Two: The Wrath of Sue” by Clare Mosely and Kevin Bolk

This is a hilarious series of comics from Clare Mosely and Kevin Bolk that combines practically every  character of fangeekdom in one brilliantly silly anime-style story! (Dr Who is just the beginning!)  This is the sequel the the pair’s previous story “Ensign Sue Must Die!” You can buy the whole book here.


The Daily Scrapbook 7/19/13 Hippie Spock

Here’s today’s flashback: As Long as we’re talking hair this week, I believe this is from a Star tabloid, don’t think I kept the article, (hated all the bumpy new aliens) but kept this picture because I was totally digging Spock’s Prince Valiant Do’.  Not too thrilled with the football shoulder pads, ( I liked his black tunic much better) but this was a neat scene in the movie.


The Daily Scrapbook: 7/18/13 Local Boy starts Trek Club

Here’s today’s flashback:  In the days before the internet, Trek fans would actually gather in each others homes and talk about Star Trek.  Young Dana here started his own local Trek club, and I joined it for a while.   Met many interesting characters people!   The highlight for us was actually getting to watch a (film-stock) Trek episode every month, which was borrowed from the local ABC affiliate and shown on a movie screen at Dana’s house!

As I recall, Dana wanted to go beyond just a bunch of fans talking about their passion, he wanted to make it more a philanthropic thing, sort of bringing the ideals of the Federation universe into the real world.  I remember we had a car wash once to raise money for a local charity.  Although I appreciated Dana’s noble ideals,  I think this idea didn’t go too far,  Many of us  just wanted to talk about Trek and compare notes on our memorabilia collections!    I still have a couple of ‘newsletters’ from the club, and I’ll post them here as soon as I find them!

Wonder what Dana is up to these days? Probably a C.E.O. 🙂


Wideo Wednesday: A Beautiful Life, Our Mom Anna (My video tribute to my Mother)

Dear Friends,

Here’s the video tribute I made about my beloved Mom in the days after her passing.  I hope you will enjoy it  as much as I enjoyed making it. It was definitely a healing experience. I love her beautiful smile. How blessed we were to have her as our Mom.   Also – be sure to watch it on a lap or desktop computer;  I’m trying to adjust it to be shown on handheld devices, but having trouble creating that option on YouTube*. Also, it’s @ 15 minutes so be sure you have enough time to watch all of it. I wish everyone could have known Mom!

For all of my siblings and I,  Thanks again for your love and support, and enjoy, Therese (the youngest of the Anna’s eight kids)

*Note, Oddly, in some countries this video will not stream, but if you are  in the U.S. , this shouldn’t be a problem. (I think the reason it is blocked is because in one picture from 1958, Mom appears in a very modest one-piece bathing suit!)

(I’m stillpeace2baby on You Tube)

The Daily Scrapbook 5/16/13 December 8, 1979, Star Trek: The Motion Picture Premieres!

Here’s today’s flashback:  The day had finally come! After 10 years fans fervent hopes of a comeback,  of waiting for the day when Star Trek would return, it was finally here!  I remember waiting outside the Cameo Theater in Binghamton on that cold winter night for the first showing with my school pal John and we couldn’t wait to see how this ‘Human Adventure’ would unfold. (The Press photo below is of the line for the second showing that night) I recall being happy to see the ol’ crew again, and delighted that Spock was back.  I liked the beginning, I liked the end, but couldn’t recall much from the middle.   And I couldn’t help but wonder why parts of it seemed so slow and sometimes the dialogue was barely above a whisper! I admit, I said it was great to fellow patrons on the way out, but in my heart I knew it was more a matter of ‘be careful what you wish for’. Was this  dull, beige-y/grey saga the future of my beloved show?  It was Trek, but just not quite Trek enough; where was the humor and the spirit of the original? I admit, I almost gave up on Trek after this version, but the sequel in ’82 made me much happier!

V3-018 complete V3-019

My Weekly Spock: Gimme a Head with Hair…

Mr. Nimoy sure has certainly been blessed with excellent follicles all his life– (Is that the sound of Shatner envy?  ;-)) Who could forget the Spock’s silky black hair or Paris’ luscious waves? Here’s some of Mr. Nimoy’s greatest hair hits:

The Daily Scrapbook – 2nd review of Takei Visit

Hey Kids,   Back in the day we had not one but two daily local newspapers, a full size evening edition and a morning tabloid (all the better to get the full days news)  This  is the second review of George Takei’s visit to BCC, and it mentions George’s early political involvements as well as an accurate description of the new movies uniforms as “Dr. Dentons” (you youngster’s  can see here for that reference!)