My Weekly Spock: Gimme a Head with Hair…

Mr. Nimoy sure has certainly been blessed with excellent follicles all his life– (Is that the sound of Shatner envy?  ;-)) Who could forget the Spock’s silky black hair or Paris’ luscious waves? Here’s some of Mr. Nimoy’s greatest hair hits:

4 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Gimme a Head with Hair…

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  2. Just found this. Yes, his hair has always been (one of) his best features, and it must have been yet another thorn in the side of The Shat. Not only did the costar take over but he had the most gorgeous lush locks.

  3. He is very handsome and he is a very good person with a good heart and soul. I LOVE him! He is one great actor, and I agree, his hair is Gorgeous!

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