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My Weekly Spock: At the Premiere of ST:TMP

This week marks the 35th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (and let the franchise begin!)  Here’s a rare shot of Leonard and Bill at the premiere that was held in (interestingly enough) Washington D.C.!  The tuxes really reflect their personalities; Disco Bill is in his ruffles while Suave Leonard in in his traditional, fine tailored threads.  Marcy and Sandy look sweet too!

True, the movie may have not been the best, but I’m glad they had a fun night!

79 trek premiere

The Daily Scrapbook: 7/17/13 Bill and Marcy at the ST:TMP World Premiere

Here’s today’s flashback:  From Dec. 7th 1979, Bill Shatner enjoys a taste of A-list stardom, and gets energized at the world premiere of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  (He’s so excited!) Dig those ruffly cuffs!  Marcy’s so cute here too.V3-021