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My Weekly Spock -Leonard on Carol Burnett (VIDEO)

Last year,  the first season of the Carol Burnett Show became available for the first time and we were finally able to answer the question, “What was Mr. Spock doing on Carol Burnett?”  The answer is here, and a pretty goofy one too! Enjoy!

My Weekly Spock: TOS Publicity with Grace

I’m a fool for original TOS Publicity Photos!  These are just GOLD!   I just came across these from the site Addicted to Sci-Fi.  The funnything here is, of course, that Rand and Spock rarely had any scenes together (and were hardly this snuggly) on the series!

RIP Leonard and Grace, your smiles are with us always <3

RS Transporter_n

RS reacharoundRS.Got YaRS.Ear Tickle

Toon Tuesday: 7/16/13 ‘The Party’

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. And Kang, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!  Enjoy!

the Party fixed

Toon Tuesday 5/21/13 The Secret of Vulcan Longevity…

I’ll take coffee with Spock anytime (and I hate coffee!)

Live Long and Coffee

The Daily Scrapbook 5/8/13 1979 – A Meeting of “Spocks”

Here’s today’s flashback: From Parade Magazine in 1979, a rare and delightful conversation between renowned  real-life  pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock and Leonard Nimoy.  They discuss influence, politics, and the awful state of Television.

V2-035A-B complete V2-035C