Wideo Wednesday: A Beautiful Life, Our Mom Anna (My video tribute to my Mother)

Dear Friends,

Here’s the video tribute I made about my beloved Mom in the days after her passing.  I hope you will enjoy it  as much as I enjoyed making it. It was definitely a healing experience. I love her beautiful smile. How blessed we were to have her as our Mom.   Also – be sure to watch it on a lap or desktop computer;  I’m trying to adjust it to be shown on handheld devices, but having trouble creating that option on YouTube*. Also, it’s @ 15 minutes so be sure you have enough time to watch all of it. I wish everyone could have known Mom!

For all of my siblings and I,  Thanks again for your love and support, and enjoy, Therese (the youngest of the Anna’s eight kids)

*Note, Oddly, in some countries this video will not stream, but if you are  in the U.S. , this shouldn’t be a problem. (I think the reason it is blocked is because in one picture from 1958, Mom appears in a very modest one-piece bathing suit!)

(I’m stillpeace2baby on You Tube)

2 thoughts on “Wideo Wednesday: A Beautiful Life, Our Mom Anna (My video tribute to my Mother)

  1. I made it almost to the end before it got me. Even after seven years it still does. Some many of her expressions reflected our Mother’s. The young years reminded me of all the pictures we have of Mom & Dad from that era. Our Mother was 7 years younger than your Mother. It was nice to see that video. What a great tribute to the woman you owe so much to. Your love for her shines through the whole piece!

    • Diana, I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you for very kind comments. Maybe our Moms are having tea in heaven now! Her love lives in you, too! 🙂

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