The Daily Scrapbook: 7/18/13 Local Boy starts Trek Club

Here’s today’s flashback:  In the days before the internet, Trek fans would actually gather in each others homes and talk about Star Trek.  Young Dana here started his own local Trek club, and I joined it for a while.   Met many interesting characters people!   The highlight for us was actually getting to watch a (film-stock) Trek episode every month, which was borrowed from the local ABC affiliate and shown on a movie screen at Dana’s house!

As I recall, Dana wanted to go beyond just a bunch of fans talking about their passion, he wanted to make it more a philanthropic thing, sort of bringing the ideals of the Federation universe into the real world.  I remember we had a car wash once to raise money for a local charity.  Although I appreciated Dana’s noble ideals,  I think this idea didn’t go too far,  Many of us  just wanted to talk about Trek and compare notes on our memorabilia collections!    I still have a couple of ‘newsletters’ from the club, and I’ll post them here as soon as I find them!

Wonder what Dana is up to these days? Probably a C.E.O. 🙂


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