FArFri – “Spocktopus” by Stumpaa

Stumpaa strikes againThis artist often morphs Trek characters with earthly creatures, and this time, Spock takes a go under the sea! Before I even saw the title, I said “That ‘s a Spocktopus!”  Pretty clever, if unusual! (although he needs some chest hair!)


4 responses to “FArFri – “Spocktopus” by Stumpaa

  1. The Sound of One Man Laughing
  2. Ah yes — the portrait from Bert Cooper’s wall on Mad Men!


  3. The Sound of One Man Laughing

    (If you’ve got a Mad Men blog, let me know! And check out Tom & Lorenzo’s commentaries, to name one.)


  4. Man, I read TLo all the time — I’m going to miss their Mad Men fashion commentaries when it ends… I also have written for the Basket of Kisses blog by the Lipp Sisters (Deborah and Roberta)! I’ve written many essays about MM — I also posted their Fan Art Thursday series for about a year. (That’s where I got the idea for this weekly Trek Fan art). You can read ALL of my Basket of Kisses here:



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