FArFri: Celebrating 50 Artists, 50 years of Star Trek

bkax93kveedubytaa4muHere’s a great piece created by artist Joshua Budich.  It’s part of an upcoming exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, titled Star Trek 50 Artists, 50 Years  Surprisingly, Spock has the biggest head in the picture (instead of Kirk), and you don’t even see his ears!  This works for me! I feel Spock was Star Trek, or at least a good portion of what if was all about.

This  exhibit features artists from around the world and will be displayed (so far) in Canada, California, Las Vegas the United Kingdom. (Usually as part of conventions)  You can see more info here.

startrek.com is  revealing the pieces bit by bit on their site (what a tease!) You can see more here

7 thoughts on “FArFri: Celebrating 50 Artists, 50 years of Star Trek

  1. It looks almost as if Spock is thinking about or imagining all the other characters. 🙂

    Norman Spinrad (the author of “The Doomsday Machine,” an author of SF books, and an influential SF critic) has an essay where he talks about the relative importance of Kirk and Spock. He says, in part, “William Shatner was hired as the star, but Kirk was never the central character in Star Trek, and never could be. Whether Roddenberry intended it or not, Mr. Spock was the central figure of Star Trek, and in the end, it was the character of Spock that enabled Star Trek to transcend television, to survive, in one incarnation and another for nearly half a century, to pass into the collective consciousness of popular culture as surely as Superman, and take science fiction with it.”

    You can find more of his essay at http://weirdlittlestories.tumblr.com/post/112710103452/norman-spinrad-on-spock

  2. Thanks Cory! Wow, I couldn’t agree with Mr. Spinrad more!! Truth! Now if only Shatner let Nimoy shine a little more… Thanks so much for this.

    • You’re welcome! And yes, it would have been great if Shatner had cared more about the show than about his stupid ego. Have you seen the interview with Norman Spinrad where he talks about a scene in the script he wrote that didn’t work because Shatner insisted on taking one of Spock’s lines OUT? (You probably have seen the interview, but if you want to refresh your memory, its at http://www.startrek.com/article/doomsday-more-with-norman-spinrad-part-1). I’m just so amazed that Shatner had the gall to write “must have more lines than Nimoy” into his contract and to enforce that, even when it weakened the show!

      The miracle of TOS is that it was as good as it was in spite of all the limitations it was laboring under — the short shooting schedules, the limited budget (especially for a SF show, since those are expensive), the crushing workload for all of the behind-the-scenes staff and the main cast members, lack of support from the network … really, it’s astonishing that it was as good as it was! And yes, Shatner’s ego was one of those limitations.

  3. A fine picture.

    I looked up the artist on the Web, and found his name is Joshua Budich, without an “r”.

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