FArF: Some McCoy Art

Since it was recently the heavenly birthday of DeForest Kelley I thought I’d find some fan art of our favorite doctor, and the artists didn’t disappoint!  We have everything from animated gifs to embroidery to plushies! I especially love “Joanna” with it’s artist’s depiction of civillian McCoy with his daughter.  I imagine that is exactly what she would have looked like!  Enjoy!


‘Look, It’s Science, or Whatever’ by mbcoolness


“Octuplets” by mbcoolness


“McCoy” by SSava


“Now He’s an Engineer” by Black Lupin

'Star Trek Bones plushie' by gurulazer

‘Star Trek Bones plushie’ by gurulazer


Joanna McCoy by hapticmimesis















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  1. I thinkI was a teen trekkie about the time you were, obsessed with Mr. Spock (a character as insufferable as I undoubtedly was at the time), and not nearly mature enough to notice the charm(s) of Dee Kelley 🙂 .

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