FArFri: Celebrating 50 Artists, 50 years of Star Trek

bkax93kveedubytaa4muHere’s a great piece created by artist Joshua Budich.  It’s part of an upcoming exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, titled Star Trek 50 Artists, 50 Years  Surprisingly, Spock has the biggest head in the picture (instead of Kirk), and you don’t even see his ears!  This works for me! I feel Spock was Star Trek, or at least a good portion of what if was all about.

This  exhibit features artists from around the world and will be displayed (so far) in Canada, California, Las Vegas the United Kingdom. (Usually as part of conventions)  You can see more info here.

startrek.com is  revealing the pieces bit by bit on their site (what a tease!) You can see more here

FArF: “Sorry Guy’s, Time to Run!” by Worgue.

How the week flies by!  Here’s today’s Fan Art — the very clever Sorry Guy’s, Time to Run! by artist Worgue.  I like that he included Yeoman Rand along wit Chekov, even though they didn’t work together on TOS.   And of course, Spock is Kirk’s first priority!  At the time Worgue had created this, he hadn’t seen much of the original series yet; here’s hoping he’ll make more! 🙂sorry_guys__time_to_run____by_worgue-d6mewo1

UPDATE — The Completed Version of “Let’s Hear It For the 430!”

Hey kids, here’s the final and complete version of the poster I put up here last week — now with even MORE crewmen! It seems that every time I thought it was safe to finish this, I found another crew member (some notable, like Mr. D’Amato from ‘That Which Survives”) that I couldn’t leave out! This is actually the third reboot of this poster, but I’m done now, really!   Be sure to click on the image to see the full size version, I don’t want you to miss a thing!

I’m working on a Key to identify all these people too, so stay tuned!

the 430 poster latest update 1-15-13

My 300th Post! Here’s to the 430!

Hey Kids!

I was glancing through my archives this weekend and I realized that I had just posted article #299 this past Friday, and my next would be #300!  I figured I better do something special for this little occasion, so I finished a collage that I’ve been working on for a few months now. probably my most ambitious yet — Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you — The 430! (be sure to click on it for detail:  I tried to add every notable crew member I could find!)

the 430 poster copy