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FArFri: Celebrating 50 Artists, 50 years of Star Trek

bkax93kveedubytaa4muHere’s a great piece created by artist Joshua Budich.  It’s part of an upcoming exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, titled Star Trek 50 Artists, 50 Years  Surprisingly, Spock has the biggest head in the picture (instead of Kirk), and you don’t even see his ears!  This works for me! I feel Spock was Star Trek, or at least a good portion of what if was all about.

This  exhibit features artists from around the world and will be displayed (so far) in Canada, California, Las Vegas the United Kingdom. (Usually as part of conventions)  You can see more info here.

startrek.com is  revealing the pieces bit by bit on their site (what a tease!) You can see more here

#41: The Deadly Years

Hey Kids, I finally got this done!  Originally I was going to do a age progression step by step with the characters, but this spilled pills concept worked better! 41 down, 39 to go!  You can see all of my Star Trek Movie Posters here.   Enjoy! Therese

41 Deadly Years